Every year new technologies rise and fall;  consumer attitudes and behaviours change; challenges and opportunities present themselves for businesses. The smart organisations are thinking one step ahead and keeping their eyes open to spot these changes before they happen. David Burgess of digital agency Reading Room looks at what’s going to be big in 2015

In-vehicle telematics technology can give organisations the vital ‘inside’ information they need to streamline fleet operations, explains Geoffrey Bray, chairman of the Fleet Industry Advisory Group explores how

Removing paperwork in some areas of the public sector could speed up response times to citizens, improve workplace productivity, and benefit the environment. So why are paperless operations still not the norm, asks Doug Miles, director of market intelligence at AIIM

The use of tablet and smartphone devices in local government has huge potential to improve services and make savings. While the majority of headlines in the media continue to slam council spend on such devices, the benefits are often overlooked. Government Technology reports

Ann-Marie Stagg, chief executive of the Contact Centre Management Association, discusses how technology is driving the demand for expertise and professionalism in front-line agents

The use of tablets and smart devices within all areas of government will experience double-digit growth through 2016. GT looks at how councils across the UK are reducing costs through their use and how the explosion in bespoke mobile applications can revolutionise the way that council services are delivered

Amar Singh of international IT governance association ISACA reports on the damage denial of service (DoS) attacks can do and shares advice on how organisations can protect themselves

Doug Miles of AIIM, the global community for information management professionals, discusses how public sector organisations are struggling to cope with information overload

Government Technology takes a look at Policy Exchange’s recently published Technology Manifesto, a roadmap for how the UK could become a leader in the global digital economy

Massive data leaks of personal information have damaged reputations and fuelled political debate. Doug Miles of AIIM’s Market Intelligence Division looks at the increasing importance of information governance within UK government, and how compliance can be automated


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While 3D printing is becoming more widely used in general engineering the use of 3D printing in the medical and allied sectors such as dentistry has only just begun.