Local Government Cuts - A Savings Solution?

Local Government Finance Settlement for 2015 will mean councils across England will receive 8.8 per cent less funding from government to run local services from April 2015.

Case study of the transformation of NS&I (an agency of HM Treasury), and its provision of payment services for government

Across the public sector organisations face the dual challenge of improving performance and reducing costs.

Govtech Solutions Ltd

Govtech is an SME at the heart of channel shift. Its hosted eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services integrate web sites and post rooms with back office systems. Instead of a web form or a scanned document creating another item in a work queue, full business process automation completes the transaction without intervention

Redrock Digital

Redrock Digital is pre-approved to support the Government’s Digital Strategy for the provision of digital expertise in line with its preferred agile working practices.


Sustainable Direction

Innovative software makes energy monitoring a breeze

PretaGov Limited

"Will PRISM kill the cloud?" Not if you use PretaGov CMS SaaS


EMC partner, Dell partner, low cost storage maintenance

GGP Systems

GGP Systems provides Corporate Information Systems to improve efficiency and service with UK local government, fire and police.

Frontier Software

Perfect HR Integration Solution