If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. An over-used phrase perhaps, but in the case of cheap printer consumables, it could hardly be more relevant.

The future is digital, the future is Data Centres…  It’s the subject that everyone is talking about, and a utility that is a complete necessity in today’s workplaces, as more and more businesses move away from paper-based systems, favouring a more convenient and cost effective digital route.

Geographical Information Systems cannot operate without data, and much of that data is based on aerial photography. Over the past decade, with the transfer from film to digital technology, there have been fundamental changes in the way air survey photography is collected. Now, aerial photography is available off the shelf for almost all of the UK at a modest cost.

Millions, if not billions, of pounds are spent each year in securing valuable or sensitive data.  From firewalls to anti-phishing software, organisations invest heavily in keeping electronic data safe. Ironically, however, many then leave themselves open to fraud and identity theft by less sophisticated, physical means.  Anthony Pearlgood, commercial director of confidential shredding experts PHS Datashred, explains the ways in which this danger presents itself, plus how to go about avoiding the risk of confidential information and business assets falling into the wrong hands, by appropriate data waste management.

Intercity is the largest independent service provider in the UK uniquely placed to offer complete communication solutions to the business sector. Our mobile and fixed solution packages can be bespoke to your business regardless of size and type whilst helping to control your costs. Intercity will work with you and a free, no obligation call analysis will allow us to offer the most cost-effective package to meet your requirements.

In this article, Paul Winters, UK Country Manager for BDNA, the IT Genome Company, looks at the issues currently facing public sector organisations and how cost allocation will become increasingly important as these organisations look to streamline costs.  Different departments will want to more accurately allocate costs and only pay for what they are using.

Blueprint is a specialist consultancy that creates business intelligence, performance management and financial planning systems and data warehouses.

At IT Cleaning Ltd we take a multi-faceted and holistic approach to cleaning and contamination control within data centres, sever rooms and comms rooms.

Integrated network security solutions to secure the information flow of distributed organisations

As the UK’s coalition government embarks on a massive budget squeeze, the public sector will be under increasing pressure to maintain revenue and reduce operational expenditure.  Competition for budget and resources will mean that departments will need to take advantage of opportunities to improve productivity and reduce costs. 

Halarose is a trusted supplier of cutting-edge election management software to local authorities throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Established in 1990, Audio Visual Machines (AVM) employs over 200 people, is headquartered in Twickenham and has branch offices in Leeds, Perth and Taunton. AVM has over 10,000 UK and international clients including BT, eBay, Coca-Cola, BMW, the NHS, Royal Mail and Bloomberg.

Never before have the UK’s government and public sector organisations been so united in a common objective: to reduce operating costs and to meet higher targets of performance and profitability in order to see out the most volatile economic storm in decades.

Medway Council is a unitary authority in Kent, providing all local government services for a quarter of a million people. Medway is made up of the towns of Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Rainham and more rural areas, including the Hoo Peninsula.

The recent budget cut announcements for public sector establishments has signalled the start of efficiency programmes across the UK.