Procuring print and copy facilities in the public sector has been a challenge – trying to choose the right equipment, calculating the real costs and navigating a complex, time-consuming procurement process. To add to the complexity, procurement teams are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
The UK Cabinet Office’s Government Procurement Service in partnership with two purchasing organisations, YPO and ESPO, has introduced an important new scheme that is simplifying the procurement process and saving money for central government departments, local government, the education sector and the NHS.
Xerox has been selected as a supplier to the scheme and has already achieved significant results. One city council, for example, has cut its print-related costs by more than 25 percent, resulting in nearly £90,000 savings, while a major government department won a sustainability award in addition to driving massive cost savings.
The GPS scheme
The goal of the scheme, known as the RM1599 Framework, is to provide savings for the UK public sector through centralised and standardised procurement, with a focus on sustainable cost reduction. The framework agreement is split into several categories or lots, covering multifunctional devices, technology services, managed print services and print audits.
RM1599 offers public sector organisations a pre-defined, pre-approved list of products to simplify the choice of equipment. It provides a reduced procurement process including a simple one-touch award process that dramatically cuts the time to contract, and offers cost and efficiency benefits. Public sector organisations of all sizes from primary schools to central government departments benefit from the purchasing power of a large centralised organisation.
Key features of RM1599 include:

  • A fully compliant procurement process.
  • Fixed prices offering significant savings and full transparency.
  • Standardised terms and conditions.
  • A range of quality products and services.
  • An industry-leading nationwide Service Level Agreement that guarantees a minimum uptime of 97 percent.

Xerox, a partner to the UK government and public sector for more than 35 years, has been selected as a sole supplier in the Lot 1 devices category and preferred supplier in the other two categories.
Simpler choice and procurement for schools
A great example of the way the RM1599 Framework works is in the education sector where it has transformed the procurement process for schools. In Lot 1, procurement now means dealing with one approved supplier and a clear, simple transparent buying structure. As one headmaster commented, “No salesman visit. No pressure. Very competitive rates. Council approved company.”
Schools, as well as all other sectors, now have a choice of ten multifunction devices selected by experts. In cost terms, the framework offers savings of up to 46 percent on lease costs, savings of up to 49 percent on cost per page, and zero price increases throughout the contract.
More choice, more functions, more control
Public sector organisations in higher education, health and government with more demanding print and copy requirements can take advantage of the same choice, simplicity and cost savings by using the RM1599 Framework to procure equipment in Lot 2. This category covers a wide range of equipment from small desktop printers, copiers and multifunction devices to print room products.
Xerox is a preferred supplier in this category and builds on its 35 year partnership with the public sector providing technology, document management and business process outsourcing to a wide range of organisations such as the Department of Work and Pensions, Worcester NHS Trust, Manchester City Council, Newport City Council, Sandwell Council, Student Loans Company and Islington Borough Council.
Control is important in environments with large numbers of users. Solutions such as PIN access or swipe cards, sometimes referred to as “follow-you”, offer convenience for users and provide the management team with increased security and important usage information to improve analysis, reporting and control.
Equipment can be supplied with enhanced services and functionality, such as facilities for automating feeding, collation, finishing and storage. The equipment can also be integrated into a networked environment to improve communication and efficiency, and reduce costs through consolidation. Lot 2 also offers extended print services such as consolidated billing, proactive device management for consumables and service calls as well as vital performance MI. This approach is popular with an increasing number of local councils, colleges, universities and the health sector.
A leading university wanted to offer an improved print service to students while cutting costs. It recognised that supporting more flexible working across the campus would allow staff to be more productive. A networked solution and equipment refresh enabled it to replace aged expensive hardware and rollout new print capabilities such as secure follow-you printing, scan-to-email, and the ability to print from mobile devices.
As a result, the management team had 50 percent fewer desktop printers to support. They also found that 200,000 fewer pages per year were printed, with the follow-you printing feature preventing jobs being printed and forgotten. They increased cost control thanks to good management information from the devices and improved user satisfaction with the flexibility and security of the new service.
Managed Print Service
An outsourced managed print service is ideal for organisations with large-scale print requirements. This facility is available through the RM1599 Framework in Lot 3. Xerox is also a preferred supplier in this category.
As the worldwide market leader in managed print services, Xerox applies the same tools and techniques used to save millions for corporate customers to help clients in the public sector. Xerox was positioned by Gartner, Inc., in the Leaders Quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services Worldwide for 2011
The aim of a managed service is to achieve best value and meet changing business needs by creating a well-managed, highly productive, office print environment. It helps management teams drive efficiency and deliver new services while consolidating infrastructure, saving space, reducing energy consumption and increasing cost control. Experience to date indicates that public sector organisations can save up to 30 percent on print costs with managed print services.
Public sector organisations can implement managed print services by outsourcing the services to an organisation like Xerox or by using a suite of software, tools and processes available from Xerox.
Xerox developed a service management infrastructure for the Department for Work and Pensions over a seven year period, achieving substantial overall savings in line with the Government’s Efficiency Review targets. The project has already achieved significant benefits, including a 62 percent reduction in the number of devices, a 14 percent reduction in paper consumption equivalent to 147 million sheets per year, and print-related power consumption reduced by around 60 percent.
David Smith, Commercial Director, Department for Work and Pensions, commented, “.This will give us improved value for money, greater efficiency and a vehicle for continuous improvement in this important area of our business."
Newport City Council (NCC) has cut its print-related costs by more than 25 per cent, resulting in nearly £90,000 savings, by applying Xerox Managed Print Service (MPS) tools and techniques. The project is part of an initiative focused on improving technology infrastructure across its 50+ sites to increase business efficiency and support flexible working practices. The service has helped significantly reduce the IT support resources required and lower direct printing costs.
Mark Neilson, Head of Customer and Information Services, commented, “NCC employees can now print from any supported location. A more flexible working environment is just what we need for our increasingly agile workforce. The project has other benefits, too. We have significantly reduced the administration costs of processing invoices and ordering consumables for our printers – not to mention the savings we derive from less waste paper and power consumption.”
Responsive support
Responsive Service Level Agreements are integral to all categories of the framework, helping to minimise downtime, reduce support requirements and maintain productivity levels. In one government department, for example, engineer callouts are down by 78.
The managed print service at University College Hospital provides the Trust with data on devices and associated costs across its entire campus. The Trust is able to fix device faults remotely and replace consumables such as toner before they run out and recharge printing costs internally to departments for the first time.
Mark Taylor, responsible for Marketing and Communications Support at Wimbledon High School, commented, “I've had support on call when I've needed it and your engineer has provided a top-notch and extremely speedy service on the few occasions I've needed to call him.”
Improving sustainability is another major challenge for public sector organizations. The combination of energy-efficient devices, control and infrastructure consolidation that is integral to framework solutions is helping to drive new levels of sustainability.
The Department for Work and Pensions began a sustainable print service project with Xerox in 2010 to cut printing costs and reduce energy use through a managed print service. The Department replaced more than 30,000 legacy single-function printers with fewer than 8,200 Xerox multi-function devices, which, where necessary, are capable of printing, copying, faxing and scanning and are Energy Star-rated. The project cut electricity consumption by 63 percent – an achievement that was recognised by the Green IT Awards’ Public Sector Project of the Year for 2011.
The RM1599 Framework is making an important contribution to cost saving, improved efficiency and sustainability in the public sector.
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