Vodafone sponsors two awards at this year's Good Communication Awards

Vodafone is delighted to be sponsoring the Mobile Technology Award & the Telecoms Innovation Award at this year’s Good Communications Awards.

Now is a crucial time in public sector – not only must organisations manage the increasing demand for public services; they must do this at the same time as transforming how those services are delivered, and embracing new ways of working to reduce cost. Better use of communications technology is pivotal in enabling this transformation and helping you to be more cost effective, more flexible and more responsive to the public.

Flexible working policies can help public sector organisations become more efficient by enabling property rationalisation and reducing travel budgets. By the end of 2010, 85% of employees will work flexibly at West Berkshire Council, reducing the council’s office space by an estimated 40%. But flexible working is not just about cost savings – an effective strategy of providing the right information and applications outside of the traditional office environment lets your people work more effectively with the public.

To be truly effective flexible workers need the same communications capabilities they have at their desk, with the same level of security for company data. Our solutions make it possible to deliver a full set of communications features wherever you choose to work, that transform how you communicate with the community.

The introduction of Unified Communications provides cost savings, flexibility and new ways of interacting with the public. Many organisations are laying the groundwork, adopting Unified Communications on cost improvement grounds. But the possibilities from there for creating richer interactions with constituents and ensuring public safety are nearly endless. Exciting new developments such as Hosted Security, Web Services, Natural Language Self Service and Multi-Channel Contact Centre can now be provided at a cost that falls within your budget. Cambridgeshire County Council recently implemented a complete communications solution supporting mobile voice and data, while at the same time realising cost savings of more than £1.2m.

Using secure remote access solutions delivers better service in the community by putting the right information in the hands of the people that need it, wherever they are, minimising their paperwork, increasing their time in the community and ultimately reducing cost. “If a member of the public asks a question at a community meeting, our officers will be able to locate the information they need to give a thorough, accurate answer on the spot.” Stuart Fillingham, Head of Information and Communications Technology, Lancashire Constabulary.

As an established UK-based supplier of communication solutions, Vodafone has more than 20 years’ experience in delivering business critical services to nearly a million customers in the public services arena. Whether driving greater efficiency, delivering service transformation or securing mobile data, public sector organisations can turn to Vodafone to deliver a tailored communication solution.
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