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Our aim is to enable our customers to be successful by maximising the potential of existing data and applications. This provides rapid return on investment, reduced costs, improved productivity and efficiency, and the ability to manage operational risk.
With 25 years’ experience, and expert staff dedicated to servicing the needs of organisations, we pride ourselves on a tailored approach to customer service.
Data and Application Integration
Transoft enables the delivery of trustworthy information across the organisation.

Data is potentially one of the most valuable assets of any organisation, but there are a number of challenges that must be met in order to manage data effectively:

  • Volumes of data and potential sources of data are growing exponentially
  • Data is stored in an increasing range of different data types and data formats
  • Most organisations have a range of different software applications
  • Many computer systems have grown over long periods of time, the original architects have long since moved on, and the organisations that own the systems have no documentation about the data
  • Data degrades over time as people re-locate or change personal details
  • All of these factors contribute to the all-pervasive issue of poor data quality - data that is incorrect, out of date, incomplete and duplicated.

Transoft can help solve these problems with solutions that include easy to use, flexible, scalable products and expert services using established methodologies:

  • Data Quality Solutions: Transoft enables organisations to discover, cleanse, 
de-duplicate and improve their enterprise data, allowing them to better utilise information and improve operational efficiency.
  • Data Migration & ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Solutions: Ensure your data migration project is delivered on time, on budget and meets the business needs using Transoft’s highly configurable solutions.
  • Data Synchronisation & CDC (Change Data Capture) Solutions: Make sure that data across different applications is synchronised to provide you with reliable, accurate data – all the time.
  • Application Integration: Transoft successfully addresses the integration of core applications in older languages to directly support Web services or Service Oriented Architectures and technologies such as Java and .NET.

Application Migration and Modernisation
Transoft has the expertise to migrate and modernise a wide range of legacy systems to the latest technology:

  • OpenVMS VAX and Alpha
  • IBM i, System i, iSeries RPG to .NET
  • HP e3000 MPE
  • IBM mainframe
  • Bull GCOS
  • COBOL to Java or C#
  • Visual Basic 6 to VB.NET, C#, Java
  • Consolidate UNIX to UNIX and Linux

Transoft can also replace legacy data sources with RDBMS by enabling COBOL or ISAM data to be replaced with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc with little or no change to the existing application.

"Transoft's solution is extremely reliable and can be deployed with the minimum of effort. It has become an integral and essential part of our software."  
 Martin Whysall, Fleet Administration Manager, South Yorkshire Police

"We now have a much more flexible platform upon which to base our operations, but our business users can still utilise the system in the ways they’ve grown accustomed to, and have been successful with. It’s meant we’ve been able to apply change only where it’s been needed, rather than for change’s sake."   
Des Donachie, Information Systems Development Manager, Department For International Development

"We selected Transoft because we believed it had the tools and the people to get the job done at the right price."  
Ralph Tigwell, Director Business Technology, Paymaster (1836) Ltd.
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