Taking Paperless from Policy to Reality

With green issues high on the political agenda, there has been a lot of publicity recently regarding the use of digital technologies to encourage a sustainable, paperless future for the UK. There have been numerous communications stating the intended benefits and cost savings of the strategy to make transactions between the government, citizens and businesses “Digital by Default”. But how do you set the example to the nation, and turn these ambitious policies into a paperless reality?
The answer is to start from the top, in the boardrooms, where tens of thousands of pages of paper are used every month for printing paper board packs. Many boardrooms have already begun the transition from paper to digital with the help of board portal technology.

Introducing the board portal
A board portal streamlines the whole meeting process and consists of hosted software that is accessed via a web browser for administration, and a tablet application for accessing meeting papers and documents during meetings or on the move. These portals can also provide access to other governance resources, such as documents, decisions, risks and procedures.

The question of security
The security risks of paper are well known, with concerns about multiple copies, filing procedures, and documents being misplaced; so taking the leap to a paperless solution should be an easy decision to make. Managing meeting papers, agendas and documents through a board portal is more secure than paper; data is encrypted and devices can be remotely wiped if lost, unlike paper copies.

Accessing the information you need
Having quick and easy access to the information you need is critical during a committee meeting. An electronic portal makes this type of task simple with facilities such as keyword search, searchable archives and access to documents, risks, decisions and procedures.

An inclusive process
Using a tablet during a meeting might not immediately appeal to all members, but involving everyone from the start, addressing concerns and ensuring training is provided will guarantee that your board will be setting the paperless example in no time.

Reap the rewards of going paperless
With a variety of board portal solutions on the market the selection process can be daunting, but once you have made the switch you will be reaping the rewards of reduced administration time and cost, running a more effective board, and have a much lighter briefcase!

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