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How organisations can keep costs under control and drive efficiencies with OKI print optimiserThe majority of organisations claim to have control over all their expenditure. Most know how much they spend on their staff, on business rent and rates, and on their phone and electricity bills. Very few, however, have a precise handle on what is incurred on printing. In fact, for many businesses, print is their largest unknown cost.
A recent report from independent market data analysts, IDC found that companies have up to 10 times more output devices than they need, that daily utilisation of output devices can at times be as low as three per cent and that up to 11 per cent of a company’s revenue can be spent on total hardcopy printing, hardware costs and operating costs.
According to Naser Shashaa, programme manager for the Imaging and Hardcopy Devices group at IDC Middle East, Africa, and Turkey: “The majority of IT managers remain unaware of the number of hardcopy devices (printers, copiers, and multifunctional peripherals) in their organisation. Less than half routinely track hardcopy costs across the company and only a few have assessed their imaging and output infrastructure with the goal of optimising their hardcopy deployment.”
Fortunately, print vendors are now putting in place solutions that address these issues, enabling them not only to monitor and track their print usage but also helping them to achieve a broad range of core business objectives including cost reduction containment and control, improved workflow, productivity and operational efficiency, enhanced security and reduced environmental impact.
Cutting costs
The objective of a managed print services implementation is to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with an unmanaged print environment by assessing the current set-up to gain an insight into existing usage, to manage the volume of documents flowing through an organisation and to minimise the costs.
According to Managed Print Services Vendor Selection Criteria, published by leading analyst organisation Gartner in October 2009: “Managed Print Services can help you reduce your office printing spend by between 10 per cent and 30 per cent”.
Customised solutions
The aim of OKI Printing Solutions’ Managed Print Services offering, Total Managed Print, is to provide customised managed print services to the growing needs of small to medium sized organisations as well as public and corporate sectors. Total Managed Print consists of a portfolio of programmes including Print Optimizer, which helps to reduce print related costs and the environmental impact of printing.

Users of the solution follow four basic steps in order to achieve more efficient long-term output management – assess, propose, implement and manage.
An inital assessment is undertaken, using the latest technology tools and conducted by an experienced OKI project team. The objective is to provide a detailed assessment of an organisation’s printing environment, assist in accurately defining its current costs and assess its actual print requirements.
This appraisal combines a personal approach to understand and review individual user requirements, plus a latest technology rapid scan network audit to develop a detailed, accurate and comprehensive overview of printing volume and types.
This assessment is designed to achieve a clear and accurate understanding of a business’s current situation and existing infrastructure, while at the same time identifying any gaps, providing an expert take on the existing fleet, consumables and printing behaviour and helping the business concerned to get ‘more out of’ their printing.
A proposal, which takes the organisation’s business objectives into account, is then discussed and a tailored infrastructure concept, which matches devices to the ideal location for the end user, developed. Typically, the proposal includes details of the recommended hardware mix, dedicated on demand consumables supply and comprehensive service and support to be provided. Also included are proposed measurable benefits, for both the short term and the entire contract, including, for example, security benefits, environmental and cost savings and productivity and workflow benefits.
Once the proposal has been agreed by all parties and the contract signed, all of the constituent parts of the solution are rolled out to an agreed schedule across the organisation. Access to the online consumables ordering process is opened up and the customer’s team and other system users trained on the new fleet.
The ongoing service management process provided by OKI includes:

  • Comprehensive maintenance and support
  • Regular project reviews, ensuring that anticipated savings can be reliably achieved 
  • Productivity increases as planned; 
  • Continuation of the Assess-Propose-Implement-Manage cycle
  • Additional enhancements introduced, ensuring that the infrastructure reflects technological advances across the industry as well as changes within the business itself
  • Maximising long-term benefits and overall success.

Key Element within Total Managed Print
Print Optimizer is just one – albeit highly important – element within Total Managed Print, OKI’s range of managed print services, which together help organisations to optimise their printing infrastructures, bringing instant financial benefits, improved workflows, a significant step-up in secure printing and lower impact on the environment. Like all the best managed print service solutions, the OKI offering provides users with a quantifiable, predictable, controllable outcome for document output costs and frees them from the burden of in-house print management to concentrate on their core business. For those organisations that adopt it, it will revolutionise their whole approach to printing.

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