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In todays world going green is no longer a choice with great emphasis on reducing co2 emissions and our carbon footprint, government departments are looking for technologies that work for them but can also for the environment.An effective way to reduce your emissions is an Energy Management System that can control your lighting, HVAC, blinds and AV equipment & create an efficient green solution. Being able to control your lighting is a great way to reduce energy consumption & costs to begin with, then throw your heating and AV equipment into the equation and you’ll be making drastic savings. Whats more is control systems can produce energy statistics to show you how much energy you’re using and saving.
Our energy management systems are great for any environment using anything from lighting to HVAC. Using our energy management system we can install one button that will shut down a room completely, turning off lights, projectors, HVAC and closing the blinds if required. No hassle using different remotes and different interfaces to shut down each piece of equipment.
Now imagine you have 30 small boardrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms in your building - used by different departments for a variety of different activities. The rooms aren't always in constant use, maybe three times a day. From what you’ve seen, are the lights turned off when they leave? is the HVAC off? are the projectors off? If no, then theres a serious amount of energy wastage happening. But with one button wastage is reduced.
Another integral part of reducing energy is traveling costs. By reducing traveling you’re not only reducing out going expense, but also your carbon footprint in getting there. The latest trend in solving this problem is video conferencing. Video conference calls allows you to have a face to face meeting from the comfort of your office. Staff no longer need to leave the office for meetings as these can be done remotely and at an extremely low cost. Using HD video technology you can create life like video calls while reducing your spending and carbon footprint.
But who’s going to install & maintain all this technology? - Systems AV, a dynamic engineering company specialising in AV installations, automation and energy management. A reputation for quality, we design, supply, install and maintain AV, automation and energy management equipment making us the ideal candidate for all your AV needs.
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