Sudlows – Data Centre Design & Build

Celebrating a century in the technology industry, Sudlows is dedicated to designing and developing unique data centre environments within today’s global market, particularly working within the UK Public Sector to enhance their business infrastructures.
Driven by the prospect of constructing the most resilient data centre and network infrastructures, our services do not just revolve around data centre design and installation; we position our clients at the core of our business to build a distinctive picture of their individual needs. This way we can offer user-specific consultancy advice on relevant and alternative ideas, including energy management and improvements to facility performance.
To enhance this client led experience, Sudlows most recently launched the Data Centre Innovation Pod (DCiP), considered to be one of the most pioneering micro data centre facilities in the UK. It functions as a live testing environment to exhibit the latest emerging products from a range of leading manufacturers, and demonstrates how complex engineering challenges for power, cooling and security can be overcome by incorporating high performance, green technologies.
This ‘innovation in practice’ is reinforced by our renowned global associations who work closely with Sudlows in the process of creating the most resilient data centres. These relationships reinforce our active involvement in the integration of energy efficient technologies and environmentally sustainable facilities.
For Government organisations in particular, Sudlows know that some of the most important trends in the data centre are sustainability and cost effectiveness. Data centre components are continually changing as newer technologies become available and, against a backdrop of recent Government changes, public bodies often want to embrace and adapt to varying technologies from multiple vendors to encourage greener choices.
For this reason, Sudlows maintain complete vendor independence so that Public Sector clients can remain confident of receiving the most suitable technologies according to the brief. This allows us to constantly challenge best practices and ensure that only the most relevant initiatives are central to our data centre designs.
Investment in expert research and development has enabled us to install the most cutting edge products emerging on the market for our most prestigious public sector projects. This has included the latest in EDRUPS Flywheel Technology (Electronic Diesel Rotary UPS), and Free Cooling & Evaporative Cooling technology.
Our environmental commitment is supported by endorsement of global data centre initiatives and associations such as The Green Grid consortium, the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency and the Uptime Institute who all help contribute to the development of next generation green technologies. Our specialist teams include qualified Incorporated Engineers, BICSI RCDD qualified and Certified Data Centre Design Professionals (CDCDP) with extensive knowledge of best practice design principles.
These associations enhance our technical design capability and help us radically improve data centre efficiencies compared to traditional installations. Technical achievements form the building blocks of Sudlows, and this, coupled with our accredited associations, gives a real edge against other competitors in our field, allowing us to construct the most advanced data centre facilities and communication infrastructures.
Sudlows integrate complete quality and safety into our data centre services with technical auditing from CHAS, Constructionline, SAFEcontractor, HVAC, NICEIC and BuildingConfidence.
Sudlows’ has developed a collaborative approach to achieve low environmental impacts, whilst maintaining uptime and high tier performance. But it takes a lot more than good innovation; it takes genuine passion and determination to challenge traditional practices established within our industry.
To find out how we can maximise your data centre performance, minimise your energy consumption and deliver a fully integrated solution by calling 0870 2782787 or visiting and via e-mail: