The Structured Cabling Solution of Choice

HellermannTyton is an established and innovative leader in the provision of network infrastructure cabling solutions, offering high-performance connectivity for both residential and commercial useIn the UK, HellermannTyton is considered the largest network cabling manufacturer, producing over three million system points annually at their purpose built facility in Northampton. The manufacturing environment there has been designed to optimise product work flow by best utilising sophisticated bespoke automated machinery in tandem with well trained, experienced staff to continuously drive and improve service levels, quality and efficiency.

Development and Innovation
HellermannTyton continually invest a significant amount of resources and funds into research and development to ensure that their reputation for innovative, high performance products is maintained.
Their highly skilled development team, coupled with the close dialogue maintained with their integration partners, ensures that all new products incorporate the features and benefits the industry requires.
With the combination of experience, innovation and equipment, HellermannTyton displays a commitment to maintaining their leading technical position and ensuring technical excellence and standards compliance.
As well as performance and quality in their products, HellermannTyton offers flexibility and range. HellermannTyton provides full end-to-end network solutions in both copper and fibre media, be it traditional or pre-terminated.

HellermannTyton’s unique RapidNet cabling solution has been designed to maximise the concept of pre-termination by including both copper and fibre media. Virtually every traditional cabling scenario can be provided from the RapidNet portfolio.
RapidNet addresses the critical issues for cabling installations such as quality control, consistent repeatable terminations, installation time and the human resource required to complete a successful project on time and within budget.
Each individual link is pre-terminated and test-approved before it leaves HellermannTyton’s ISO approved manufacturing facility. RapidNet offers a quick and clean installation where reliability and quality are not compromised.
RapidNet can help achieve a successful installation across a variety of industry and business sectors. From data centres to new office builds, for financial, health or pharmaceutical companies, the list of applications for the RapidNet system is extensive.
RapidNet is the perfect solution where the installation is restricted to a confined space. It will also reduce disruption by cutting ‘downtime’ dramatically for ‘business as usual’ projects, whilst saving costs on waste management.

RapidNet Options

RapidNet offers you many options in terms of the system you use and the scenarios you apply. Available in Cat5e and Cat6, in both shielded and unshielded versions, HellermannTyton are now able to offer Deca10, the new product range including Cat6A and pre-terminated and MPO Fibre.
Most of all RapidNet offers flexibility. The Cat5e and Cat6 versions come in both four and six way cassettes. This full end-to-end solution gives you various connection options including; Panel cassette to panel cassette, panel cassette to floor box/consolidation point, panel cassette to keystone jack, panel cassette to RJ45 plugs and panel cassette to un-terminated cable.

Uncompromised Support for 10G
With their all new Cat6A offering and pre-terminated/MPO Fibre options, under the Deca10 range, RapidNet can now support the high quality and performance levels that are demanded from a ten Gigabyte infrastructure.
Deca10 supports the TIA/EIA Category 6A standard with speeds of up to 1010 Bits per second (10,000,000,000bps) and up to 500MHz in both copper and fibre, helping to future proof the installation. The greatest advantages will be seen where either fast or large scale data transfer rates are essential for the running of your business.
FibreBand is HellermannTyton’s range of stand-alone fibre optic products, ideal for simple backbone or point-to-point installations. A broad range of products is available from stock, including loose tube and tight buffered cable, as well as panels, patch leads, pigtails and connectors.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management

iD from HellermannTyton is arguably the most intuitive, flexible, fully configurable standards based portable software of its kind. Coupled with intelligent microcontroller based patched panels and controllers, you can be assured of 100 per cent connectivity accuracy. iD allows you to embrace end-to-end visibility and control allowing you to track, alert and document enterprise networks in real-time.
HellermannTyton offer an extensive range of traditional products including panels, outlets, cable and patch leads. The portfolio of patch panels and outlets provide quality, performance, ease of installation and flexibility. With a variety of options in Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat6A, HellermannTyton offers you a complete solution to suit your project and budget.
HellermannTyton’s range of high performance cable and patch leads enables specifiers to select from a number of different options including LS0H or PVC sleeving, Cat5E, Cat6 or Cat6A performance in UTP, FTP and SFTP variants.

HellermannTyton network products come with a 25 Year System Guarantee which includes the performance of the system in addition to the lifetime product guarantee. HellermannTyton Network Sciences approved installers are authorised to design, install, test and apply for a Network Sciences System Guarantee.

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