Setting standards in the Service Desk Industry

SDI brings IT service management to life through a learning and development programme for IT professionals. With over 2,500 students taking SDI exams globally each year, we are in the perfect position to understand your training and education needs2009 is likely to be a challenging year for many organisations so providing exceptional levels of IT service and support is more important than ever. Companies couldn’t function without skilled, fully trained support analysts and efficient service desks.
It is becoming increasingly important that IT professionals develop their business and service oriented skills to get closer to the business they work in. It is now mission-critical for most businesses, making it vital that business processes are integrated with technology. The IT Service Management Industry and SDI have been advocating this for more than 20 years, but it is only recently that this issue has started to make it top of the agenda within many organisations.

A demanding public
As a result of customer focused trailblazers such as; customers have been conditioned to expect excellent service. Consequently, they are far more demanding of the IT service desk. It is now obligatory for the service desk to offer a full and proactive support service with regular customer contact. To meet these demands, it is imperative that IT professionals have access to ongoing training that will help them develop their business and inter-personal skills – not just their technical skills. SDI is committed to enhancing the careers of all IT support professionals and is dedicated to setting standards for IT service and support, offering a support network coupled with the finest IT service management training available.
The Service Desk Institute certification programmes offer the first open, standards-based, internationally recognised qualifications designed by IT experts, consultants, industry leaders and practitioners. SDI qualifications are the defacto industry standard across the world, creating a set of practices and a recognised career path for the IT service desk industry with each qualification targeted at a specific job role.

SDI training and qualifications
The SDI training programme and qualifications are vocational and test practical knowledge within the working environment. By achieving an SDI qualification a candidate can demonstrate to a potential employer that they not only understand the best practice standard for their specific job role, but they have the knowledge, skills and competencies to apply these on a day-to-day basis, directly impacting the efficient running of the service desk.
Employers know that any candidate who holds an SDI qualification is committed to their career and has a practical, applicable, set of skills that they can use every day to improve the performance of the service desk and the experience of their customers.
The career path provided by the SDI qualification programme provides candidates with a structured IT service and support career path and progression route as they develop their skills and progress within their profession.

What qualifications are available?

  • Service Desk Analyst: Aimed at service desk and support analysts with at least nine months experience in an IT service and support environment this programme provides essential development and a recognised qualification.
  • Service Desk Manager: Designed for both new and experienced Service Desk Managers, team leaders and supervisors; with between three and five years experience of the service desk environment.

The entry level SDI training programme and qualification is the Service Desk Analyst course.  This programme is ideal for analysts and customer service staff looking for a refresher in essential support skills and those wishing to gain an entry-level professional qualification in IT service and support. This qualification ensures that candidates are equipped with the skills essential to deliver excellent levels of customer service and support.
The managerial level qualification and training course is the Service Desk Manager programme. Designed for new and experienced Service Desk Managers, team leaders and supervisors – ideally with at least three years experience of the service desk environment. This course provides a thorough understanding of, and qualification in, Service Desk Management.
“The challenge was to find a way to get our entire Service Desk staff trained both in the technical requirements and in their job role,” comments Peter Birley, Director of Information Technology, Browne Jacobson. “We wanted a measurable standard for each role, but also a method for increasing knowledge as people became more experienced. SDI enables us to achieve this.”

For more information

To find out more about SDI training courses and qualifications or download the 2009 Learning and development brochure visit Our International and Individual service desk standards form the basis of all our training courses and are publically available online at