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Baronscourt Technology has developed a suite of software that helps organisations deal with internal security issues head-onGartner and others estimate that as much as 75 percent of the $200 billion in measured annual security losses comes from within the organisation.* Increasingly, organisations are becoming less tolerant of the internal weaknesses that stem from user malpractice or folly. The outside demands of regulatory and legislative forces combined with the increasingly focused nature of virus and malware authors provide far too large a challenge.
Security issues
Baronscourt has developed a suite of software that helps organisations deal with internal security issues in a practical way. The Baronscourt philosophy is simple:

  • Stop employees doing things on the computer that weaken security.
  • Ensure communication and understanding of best practice.
  • Demonstrate compliance and evidence of duty of care.

Our software has been designed to work with existing ICT infrastructures and to integrate with widely used applications such as document management and databases. We build our software to be as unobtrusive as possible and to have minimum demand on the current systems or IT staff. Baronscourt builds software that alleviates your compliance burden not adds to it. “Communication with employees and the creation of IT Security within the organisation is the key to best practice. The dangers of overlooking internal threats are considerable and companies have to make IT Security part of their culture and a personal responsibility for all staff” said Robert O'Brien, Managing Director at Baronscourt.

Current methods of communicating security policies and increasing awareness include email, intranet and employee handbook. From the organisations point of view, vulnerability arises when this process is placed under scrutiny following a security failure.  Such a situation may arise if an employee challenges his dismissal on the basis of computer misuse. The company management could find themselves defending their employee communication in a tribunal. The lack of verification and feedback in the email and intranet approaches tend to render them ineffective.
User awareness
Baronscourt developed its MetaCompliance suite to assist companies deal with these challenges. MetaCompliance Policy Communicator allows for simple user awareness campaigns to increase security vigilance and best practice. By testing awareness using the survey module, areas of confusion and misunderstanding can be identified by reports which compare user responses to a series of surveys. Due to the seamless nature of the communication medium, users can be reminded of key security issues and concerns on a regular basis. Simple things like reminding users not to share logins and passwords with colleagues can become an automated task.The list of demands on a modern organisation to remain compliant with the law and regulators is extensive. Baronscourt software solutions aim to assist IT departments deliver on compliance challenges by preventing users from misusing the technology provided to do their job of work. By preventing the use of client devices such as USB based memory sticks and CD burners and by locking out drives, the IT department can ensure no loss of information from the client and prevent the threat of drive borne security threats.Awareness of procedures and policies is time consuming and a tedious task. By communicating policies electronically Compliance Departments can save time and money whilst being able to prove with certainty that key policies have been read, accepted and understood. Compliance managers and Information Security specialists can demonstrate best practice process and provide evidence of meeting their duty of care responsibilities in the event their actions are placed under scrutiny by a third party.

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