Qualitas-IT, Specialists in HD Video Conferencing, Online Backup, Data Security

Established in 2005 and based in Holborn London, Qualitas-IT are a full service IT company, who support both public and private sector organisations to operate highly efficient and cost-effective communication and IT operations.
At Qualitas-IT our focus is to deliver high quality, end-to-end, IT support services and solutions to businesses around the UK. Qualitas-IT work together with a number of carefully selected strategic partners in specific technology disciplines to ensure your business receives the highest quality, best of breed solution.
HD Video Conferencing
Qualitas-IT partner with LifeSize to offer a high definition video conferencing solution. LifeSize is a pioneer and world leader in High Definition Video Collaboration, with high quality HD video combined with the lowest bandwidth and lowest total cost of ownership.
With the government objective for sustainable transport choices and carbon reduction,
it is becoming increasingly important for the public sector to implement alternatives to travel, such as video conferencing.
By adopting video conferencing, organisations can reduce the amount of travel to business meetings, provide employees with increased access to experts and information, allow for real-time collaboration among offices in different locations and encourage remote working for employees. This will lead to the potential for huge cost savings, an increase in productivity with less time spent travelling, as well as significantly reducing carbon emissions.
Features include:

  • Secure – H.235 AES, Advanced Encryption Standards strict compliance
  • Infrastructure - managed services and cloud-based solutions available
  • Multiple devices - available on Android and iOS smartphones/tablets
  • All-in-one solutions - designed for simple set-up and ease of use
  • Data sharing capabilities
  • Multi-way calls – between various locations
  • Streaming, Recording and Auto-publishing solutions
  • Interoperability – with other video conferencing systems
  • Cost Effective – to suit your budget
  • Reliability – the video conferencing solution will work every time, for every user

Qualitas-IT offer:

  • Free 30 day trial of video conferencing equipment
  • Free installation
  • 24 hour support
  • Fully managed solutions tailored to suit your business needs
  • Full video conferencing suite for product demonstrations

Secure Online Backup

Qualitas-IT partner with Backup Technology, using Asigra software to offer a fully automated, managed, encrypted, agentless and secure online backup solution. Asigra is a world leader and is the only agentless solution available, with the benefit of having a single point of backup administration for the entire network.
It is essential to implement a reliable data backup solution to ensure critical company data is protected and can be recovered quickly without delay. Online backup can replace your manual, outdated tape backup solution and has no restrictions in regards to data volume. Our online backup platform will address the needs of the public service sector to offer a comprehensive, reliable service, which will adhere to any government regulations.
Features include:

  • Agentless - software only runs on a single device, no license fees, easy to implement
  • Secure – data is fully encrypted
  • WAN optimised – keeping backup windows and bandwidth usage to a minimum
  • Central Management 
  • Online Monitoring Portal – allows for tracking status and progress of backups
  • Fully managed by a dedicated account manager
  • Set retention rules - flexibility to backup your data as often as you wish

We will arrange a complete data analysis and configure the software to meet individual backup requirements depending on how your business operates to offer a long term data backup solution to suit you.
Data Security

Qualitas-IT partner with IronKey – the global leader in secure, portable data storage, as well as Safend – the leading provider of endpoint data protection software to offer comprehensive data security solutions which are absolutely essential for public sector organisations.
Given the high amount of personal and sensitive data that is handled, data security is crucial within the public sector and data protection policies need to be kept in check, in order to remain compliant.
The importance of data protection has been made obvious recently with the growing number of incidents which have been publicised, highlighting how easily data can be lost, stolen or leaked, most of which have resulted in costly ICO fines, as well as damage to the organisation’s reputation.
IronKey flash drives are the world‘s most secure USB storage devices, validated to meet the Level 3 requirements of the FIPS 140-2 standard. They are designed to adhere to the most demanding military, government, and enterprise security requirements, so IronKey flash drives are ready to protect data everywhere it goes.
IronKey devices are ideal for remote use in any environment, disaster recovery operations and secure virtual desktops for remote workers.
Features include:

  • Strongest possible data encryption
  • Ability to remotely track, manage & destroy devices
  • Ability to remotely manage policies across thousands of devices.
  • Authentication cannot be disabled by crimeware or password guessing, they will self-destruct after 10 attempts

Ironkey will work seamlessly with endpoint security software products such as Safend, which protects against data loss. The Safend Data Protection Suite eliminates data leakage from endpoints, delivering comprehensive visibility, complete data protection and total control over all available avenues to sensitive data.
This comprehensive award-winning data protection solution will protect your environment by monitoring real-time traffic and applying customised, granular security policies over all physical, wireless and storage devices. The entire suite’s functionally is provided by a single software product, with a single management server and a single lightweight agent.
With Safend’s Data Protection Suite, you can ensure an adequate security solution is in place within your organisation, eliminating the risk of a serious data security breach.
For more information, a demonstration or a quote, please contact Qualitas-IT today:
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