A qualification in Assistive Technology

Ninety per cent of older and more vulnerable individuals say it is their wish to continue living independently in their own homesAssistive Technology - or Telecare as it is becoming known - is a service that enables people to do just that. Equally, it gives peace of mind to family, friends and carers, knowing that when they are unable to watch over their loved ones, Telecare will.

The need has arisen for a formal qualification in Telecare; to show competence and understanding, not only of the technology but also, the issues and needs of service users. Just as Telecare itself is as much about dignity and independence as it is about equipment and services, this qualification is about supportive and perceptive interaction with users.

This Level 2 qualification is validated by City & Guilds – the UK’s largest provider of vocational qualifications and one that is recognised and respected by employers throughout the UK.

Many job roles would benefit from this qualification. Assistive Technology is integral to the development and implementation of preventative strategies that can improve and empower the lives of vulnerable people. Whether you are in housing, a care setting or involved in Telecare services centre and response operations, this qualification is for you. It is intended for front-line support workers helping a wide range of people to increase or maintain their independence, wellbeing and choice.

If you work within a Local Authority, a Health Care operation or in Housing you’re likely to be involved in Assistive Technology and/or support planning or response, this qualification is relevant to you.

This course can be used as an entrant-level qualification for new employees taking up roles as managers, front-line support or floating support workers. There are modules for installers, too. It is an accreditation opportunity for Telecare teams or as a bolt-on qualification to existing and experienced staff that would benefit from additional learning in this area – or just desire accreditation for knowledge they already have.

Study is part time and accomplished using a combination of methods through blended learning. Workbooks will be used to provide underpinning knowledge, supplemented by a number of study days where you will have face to face teaching and support.

Throughout your study, which will take 6 months to complete, you will have a personal Tutor and have access to support via the telephone and your computer – this can be via email and the Centre for Housing and Support virtual learning environment (Moodle).

The Centre for Housing and Support is at the forefront of training for many aspects of Housing-related Support. We have a national reputation for delivering professional training programmes to the highest quality and flexibility recognising the many demands on your time. Our accredited training programmes and our delivery are aimed at giving you a nationally recognised qualification whilst improving your performance, skills and knowledge as well as ensuring good and consistent working practices and improvements in service delivery for both you, your employer and service users.

For more information
A full brochure is available for this city & Guilds validated qualification course.  Visit www.chs.ac.uk/telecare for more details.