Newcastle City Council: Achieving Enterprise Mobility Success with Consilium

Enterprise-level mobile solutions are a big topic right now, with providers striving to produce solutions that will work throughout an organisation. Consilium are the only provider on the market today  to have already achieved this; their TotalMobile™ product has already achieved success as an Enterprise solution within Local Government, with Newcastle City Council being the first of many.
Before implementing TotalMobile™ from Consilium, Newcastle City Council was under pressure to deliver savings whilst protecting front-line services in the face of funding cuts. The council chose to tackle this challenge by addressing back office efficiency through the use of IT and Mobile Working at an Enterprise level.
As a flexible, device-agnostic solution, TotalMobile™ is the only solution on the market suitable to implement across various departments of an organisation. Newcastle City Council has benefited from taking this enterprise-wide approach and has adopted TotalMobile™ as the only solution for the range of departments which they needed to mobilise. Newcastle City Council initially implemented TotalMobile™ in their Gas Servicing and repairs, Electrical Testing and Regional Traffic Signals Service Departments.

They experienced a range of benefits after implementation. Productivity improved by around 10%, sickness levels reduced, the carbon footprint is smaller and spend on fuel and accommodation costs have been cut. Back office administration costs have also been significantly reduced, while customer satisfaction and staff morale have both improved as a result of using TotalMobile™.

After the success for these departments, the council have recently decided to roll out the solution to their Home Care department.

Neil Golightly, Head of Performance Planning and Programmes within the Environment and Regeneration Directorate, was involved in TotalMobile™’s initial deployment in the council and was delighted with the results;

“TotalMobile™, as an enterprise solution has delivered efficiencies and value for money to the council. I believe we have bought the best mobile system as it's currently delivering a range of solutions on both Smartphone and tablet.”

Consilium’s excellent customer service was also a major factor in the selection of TotalMobile™ as an Enterprise solution.

“I believe with Consilium we have identified people we can work with, not just deliver us technical solutions and walk away. From Consilium's Chief Executive and right through the organisation, I believe that they have gone the extra mile to understand our business and build relationships with our people. This can only be a good thing and lead to mutual success for us both.”

The TotalMobile™ solution can effectively be used by every department and remote worker role in your organisation. Flexibility makes TotalMobile™ one of the only genuinely Enterprise-level mobile solution on the market.

Device choice- TotalMobile™ works natively across Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices. Choose the smartphone or tablet that suits each different role and ensure a great user experience.

Functionality- The solution can be configured to provide all the functionality required by different types of workers; inspectors, operatives, case workers, enforcement officers, maintenance workers, engineers and more.

TotalMobile™ also works for various departments in your organisation; Adult Social Care, Community Nursing, Revenues and Benefits, Housing, Environmental Services and more. 

Integration- simple integration with almost any back office system

Flexibility- it’s simple to make changes in-house as the mobile working needs of your teams evolve. You can update forms or add new ones with ease.

Offline working- wherever your people need to be, they can complete jobs even when they lose connectivity

Control- enter, schedule and manage work and staff in real time. Receive detailed reports automatically.

Implementing one solution in various departments across your organisation is the simplest and most cost effective way to equip your remote workers. A Mobile Working strategy can generate cost savings, increase productivity and improve service delivery.  To find out more, please contact Consilium on 02890 330111 or , alternatively visit our website