New apps from old…. Maximise the value and potential of your legacy applications

In the current economic climate we all need to get the maximum value out of our existing critical systems in the most cost-effective way possible.

Transoft’s innovative modernisation software and services can help you to create new solutions by applying latest technologies to existing software applications.

For thousands of our customers around the world, this has provided:

  • rapid return on investment
  • reduced costs
  • improved productivity and efficiency
  • the ability to manage operational risk.

A Transoft modernisation solution can enable you to:

Reduce your operational costs by moving applications to lower cost-of-ownership platforms
Take your application to an open systems platform, or transform it to a new programming architecture, and position your business to take full advantage of latest technology whilst reducing maintenance costs.

If your hardware has reached its end of life, or it's too expensive to run, or you simply want to upgrade to the latest operating environments, Transoft provides rapid and smooth application migration & re-architecting solutions to move your key legacy applications onto modern hardware platforms and operating systems.

The migration with Transoft has reduced not only the cost of ongoing maintenance of the legacy system, but also the business risk of being reliant on a platform nearing end-of-life.” Craig Wild, Client Engagement Manager, Capgemini

Improve customer service levels by building services from existing legacy applications
The concept of reusing business logic from legacy applications as building blocks for creating new modern Web, mobile or classic transaction processing systems is now well understood, and has been implemented with great success by many organisations.

Transoft can provide a SOA framework specifically developed for a wide variety of programming environments, enabling Web Services and other services to be defined and created from existing 3GL applications. These services can be connected to any modern application using a range of standard interfaces including Microsoft .NET (C# proxies), JavaBeans and JCA, SOAP XML, COM and even HTTP.

By building services from existing legacy applications organisations can offer their customers improved, cutting edge solutions.

“Being committed to customer focused solutions, we recognised that real-time online ordering was a strategic alternative to our call centre. Transoft has allowed us to integrate our online ordering system with our existing applications. This has been instrumental in helping us secure new contract wins with Ford, BMW and many others, and as a result our business has grown by 10%.”  Steve Parker, IT Director, Stapletons

Improve decision making through seamless data integration

With data integration, organisations are frequently dependent on error-prone and costly manual processes in order to synchronize the data in different applications. More than ever, organisations need access to information for informed decision making. When data is in a range of non-relational as well as relational sources, this is a real problem.

Integrated access to disparate data means information required for critical decision making is easily available. Transoft can provide fast, reliable real-time information processing across all data sources, helping facilitate development of new systems based on SOA, supporting B2B data exchange, and enabling customer data integration.

Our unparalleled experience in spanning the gap between legacy data and modern relational technology has enabled us to develop a product that is easy to implement and offers very significant new functionality to existing software." Felix Decsi, CTO, Transoft

Simplify processing by integrating modern and legacy applications
Web services and component-based technologies allow one application to easily interface with another. However, as we know, if existing core applications are in older languages such as COBOL, RPG, C, BASIC, etc. there is a problem. These languages do not directly support Web services or component architectures, such as SOAP, .NET, COM, Java/EJB, and CORBA.

Transoft can enable these core applications to connect directly to newer applications in a scalable way, using the same standards that these modern programs use to communicate with each other – for example, Visual Basic/ASP, Java/JSP, etc. or via Web services.

The Transoft Legacy Integration approach ensures that none of your existing applications need remain an "island of computing" but can be fully integrated into your organisation's strategy of providing business on demand. This ensures greater ROI from existing core systems.

Transoft provides the missing link that enables the Web designer to easily integrate new e-business applications with the organisation’s existing data. Transoft forms a fundamental part of our future development strategy.” Chris Hewetson, Managing Director, CSfD

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