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In order to address the growing concern of losing critical data, governments world-wide are implementing stringent rules and regulations with severe penalties in aim to prevent the loss or theft of data when a portable storage device is lost.

For example, the UK Parliament recently imposed new penalties for infringements of the Data Protection Act (DPA), which will force organizations to pay up to £500,000 in fines for serious breaches of the DPA.

CESG (Communications-Electronics Security Group) is the branch of GCHQ which works to secure the communications and information systems of the government and critical parts of UK national infrastructure. CESG introduced CAPS (CESG Assisted Product Service) to help private sector companies develop cryptographic products for use by HMG and other appropriate organisations. CAPS links the cryptographic knowledge of CESG with the private sector's expertise and resources to enable private sector companies to develop cryptographic products for use by Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) and other appropriate organisations. Providing independent evaluation that cryptographic products meet Government standards, CESG then formally approves their use by UK Government agencies and the wider public sector.

MXI Security is the industry-leading provider of managed portable security solutions whose focus is on secure portable enterprise computing. MXI solutions provide both Government and enterprise clients with the highest security and privacy technology, protecting their data and providing peace-of-mind.  With first-to-market technologies, MXI is a leader in the encrypted USB and biometric USB drive markets.

For the first time UK Government agencies now have access to an encrypted USB device designed to tackle head-on the increasing number of threats to Government security. After a rigorous evaluation process, MXI Security has official (CAPS) certification from CESG, the UK’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance for the Stealth M600® encrypted USB drive.

A pioneer in portable security, MXI recently received US Government FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation for the BlueflyTM Security Processor, which powers MXI’s entire line of portable security devices.

Featuring Bluefly™ Portable Security Processor, the world’s first dedicated hardware security processor for USB devices, The Stealth M600 is designed to protect against all forms of malware. It provides advanced manageability capabilities such as device recycling, while its unique integrated metal enclosure is durable, waterproof, and dustproof.

Gerard Reusing, MXI Security’s London-based President, says: “We developed the Stealth M600 encrypted USB device specifically to tackle the problem of portable data loss, head-on. The device provides full encryption at all times and cannot be used unless it is unlocked by its legitimate owner.  Having MXI Security receive CAPS certification signifies that the UK Government understands the importance of securing data while maintaining portability.  Government agencies and organisations now have access to technology that provides a totally secure way of protecting their most sensitive data.” further states Reusing.

MXI Security has over 17 years of experience in storage products which was an influencing factor in decision to enter the USB market. A key milestone in MXI’s history in security was the launch of their first biometric product - Stealth MXP Bio, seven years ago.  “The launch of our MXP product family four years ago raised the bar further still, and was the first step towards us adding more and more functionality to our USB sticks.” says Reusing. 

MXI Security today offers a portfolio of managed portable security solutions are positioned at the high end of the market, designed to meet the highest security and privacy standards.  Product families include MXI Security Stealth M™ Series of encrypted flash drives; Stealth MXP Bio® encrypted biometric flash drive and Stealth™ HD external hard disk drive.

“We spend a lot of time on the education side,” Mr. Reusing points out. “We firmly believe that the devices we sell are multifunction devices. They can be used not just for storage but also for remote access, for example, with very high security. There are some exciting developments in portable storage, and we’re at the forefront of them, elevating the USB stick to what essentially is a portable desktop, enabling people to carry their computing environment around with them wherever they go.”

On that note, MXI recently launched Stealth™ ZONE – the secure portable desktop solution. Where as traditional desktop virtualization solutions have typically required sizable investments in centralized computing resources, Stealth ZONE places the secure portable desktop directly onto MXI's high-security FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated Stealth USB devices offering both convenience for the user and lowered costs for the organization.  Users can launch Windows Embedded Standard 2009 directly from their USB device, knowing that they are logging in to a fully secure environment. Stealth ZONE is ideally suited for Government agencies that need to protect mission-critical data, systems and applications without compromising portability.

Well-established in the United Kingdom with customers including the City of London Police, MXI Security serves the most security-demanding public and private organisations in the world.

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