Morgana Systems - A World Leader in Print Finishing Technology

Morgana Systems is a Milton Keynes based company that was founded less than thirty years ago and, in that time, has grown to be one of the world’s leading innovators in the specialist field of print finishing and, more specifically, digital print finishing.

 It is now the largest manufacturer and supplier of such equipment in the UK and sells its products in markets throughout the world.

Print finishing, as the term implies, covers all the functions that have to be performed to turn a printed sheet into the finished article – which may be anything from a book or a multi-page brochure or catalogue or even a humble business card. These functions include operations such as creasing, folding, cutting, binding, bookletmaking, numbering, perforating, drilling collating, stapling etc.

When Morgana was set up it began by selling other companies products but quickly moved into manufacturing by launching a machine called the UFO Folder which has since achieved sales numbered in thousands of units and is accepted as a standard in its field. Other products followed but it was the advent of the digital print revolution that saw Morgana’s growth change from the steady to the spectacular and transformed the company into what it is today.

The nature of digital print means that output from the process is much more delicate and easily damaged than conventional litho printed material. This manifests itself most clearly in the fact that digital output cannot be folded directly from the press without damage to the spine of the publication in the form of ‘show through’. Creasing prior to folding was essential and, while there were existing methods to do this, the bulky machinery and the high levels of operator skill needed were totally incompatible with a digital print environment that insists on speed of set-up, ease of operation and fast turnaround.

Morgana’s answer was a unit called the AutoCreaser which was launched at DRUPA – the world’s largest print exhibition – in 2000. This was the first machine to provide high speed creasing of digital output prior to folding and it came in a compact unit that could be wheeled to wherever it was required. It also assured high standards of quality thanks to a patented blade and matrix creasing method developed by Morgana. It was an overnight success in both home and overseas markets and has been refined and improved over the years. The AutoCreaser was the forerunner of the comprehensive range of specialised digital finishing products sold by Morgana today. These include the DigiFold, which was the world’s first combined creaser/folder, the DocuMaster, which is a total finishing systems embracing feeding, creasing and bookletmaking, and many others.

The IPEX exhibition, which took place in Birmingham earlier this year, saw Morgana introduce a new Pro range of products which take digital finishing technology to even higher levels of sophistication and ease of use

Emblematic of Morgana’s success during the last decade is the company’s £4 million, purpose-built headquarters in Milton Keynes, which was opened in 2006 and now employs nearly 100 people. This marked the first time that the company was able to bring all its operations under one roof. The facility includes all administrative functions, a highly advanced and streamlined production facility and a large exhibition area. Last, but by no means least, there is a highly sophisticated R&D department at Milton Keynes where the products that will ensure Morgana’s continued growth in the years ahead are now being developed.

More than 85% of the 4,000-plus products that come off the production line at Milton Keynes are earmarked for overseas markets. The company has a team of export managers who travel the world in support of a global network of agents and distributors and each year the company participates in 20 – 30 overseas printing exhibitions with new markets are constantly being opened up.

Over the last five years Morgana has paid particular attention to the potentially vast North American market and has set up its own company there. This venture has been highly successful and the company is well on its way to establishing a comprehensive coast-to-coast distribution network across the continent.

The printing industry, in common with many others, has suffered severely during the recession. But the digital print market, which represents a continually growing proportion of the whole, has been less affected than others. Morgana’s philosophy, which is concentrated on providing printers with cost effective, high quality solutions to digital print finishing, has ensured that the company has continued to grow despite a difficult business environment.

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