Mobile and Home Workers - out of sight, out of mind?

The facts are simple, the more you are, or your workers are in lone worker situations then the higher the exposure to health and safety risks. More than six million people in the UK work in isolation or without direct supervision. Working alone can create health and safety risks. If you employ lone workers, or are self-employed and work alone, these risks will need to be managed.

Under the Corporate Homicide and Manslaughter Act introduced in April 2008 and the Health & Safety (Offences) Act 2008, employers are responsible for the security of their workforce. Employers have a duty of care with their employees. They must assess possible risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control these risks where necessary. These responsibilities cannot be transferred to any other person.

Anthony Temperton of Kat Communications said, “The biggest challenge we face with our partners is educating organisations as to the definition of a lone worker, we speak with organisations on a daily basis who unintentionally are not doing enough to protect their staff”.

A KAT Communications provided lone worker solution not only ensures that all legal obligations are met but the services are extremely cost effective and easy to implement. All products are accredited to the new BS8484 standard, making our systems a trusted and assured product.

The KAT Communications approach to lone worker safety is a simple one, in that we try to match our solutions to the people, the risks and the culture of the organisation we are working with. Lone worker safety is not just based on employers complying with legislation but it is found to be good for the employees with improved staff morale and welfare.

Anthony Temperton, adds “At KAT we recognise that the major role in lone worker safety is played by the individual lone worker themselves. It is that individual who needs to be able to manage the situation, to react in accordance with procedures, to recognise unacceptable levels of risk and to know how to move away from dangerous situations to safety. “

Lone worker protection through KAT Communications does provide peace of mind and ensures a Duty of Care is met. However the individual approach goes much further than that and our ongoing training encourages employees to be vigilant and to recognise their abilities and limitations in regards to safety”

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