Making low carbon communities happen

LowC is a renewable energy solutions provider, offering services spanning low carbon consultancy through specification, installation and operation of renewable energy assetsThe new Oakfield School and Sports College caters for 140 pupils aged between 13-19 with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities.
The heart of the school’s sustainable profile is the renewably fuelled low carbon energy centre. The LowC design incorporates several extremely innovative technologies that enable this solution to be commercially viable within the BSF affordability framework. Through the exclusive relationship with Phoenix Fuels, LowC Energy Services were able to ensure that the fuel for the scheme is grown, harvested and crushed within a 10 mile radius of the school, thus combining a robust and sustainable fuel supply strategy within the solution.
Exceeding expectations
Nottingham City Council had set a minimum requirement of 20 per cent onsite renewable energy for the scheme with aspirations to maximise the carbon reduction to the highest levels within the affordability constraints set by the BSF Framework. The LowC solution delivered more than 115 per cent. Green electricity is exported back onto the national grid network, enhancing the economics further. This installation delivers a saving of 258 tonnes of CO2 per year versus conventional energy supply.
From consulting to operation and beyond, LowC enabled:

  • An affordable, renewable and low carbon solution far exceeding the Council’s aspirations and all UK planning targets
  • The performance specification, selection and procurement of the renewable technologies required
  • Project management and construction of the sites renewable energy centre installation
  • Fully accredited and sustainable fuel procurement across all schools involved
  • Ongoing maintenance and management contract for the renewable administration content
  • Full accreditation and compliance to meet CHPQa and Ofgem requirements.

The core skills of LowC include not only a full understanding of a school’s occupancy profile but also the operational performance of the buildings, beyond normal design calculation methodology, this is key. Using specifically developed tools, the economic optimisation of the energy centre performance cycle was enabled.
The consequent energy and carbon reduction strategy developed by LowC enabled Oakfield not only to form an important role in delivering Nottingham City Council’s target to be a carbon neutral city by 2016, but also helping meet their CRC commitments.
The group, LowC Communities are now engaged by many project developers throughout the UK, and are actively leading the challenge to deliver affordable, and most importantly, commercially viable solutions that deliver in operation.

Key Achievements delivered:

  • 115 per cent onsite renewable energy
  • 88 per cent carbon reduction equating to 258 Tonnes of CO2
  • Cost savings of £35,000/ yr compared to grid supply
  • £400,000 of DCSF funding released, by exceeding threshold of 60 per cent onsite renewable energy

LowC Communities
LowC is a Renewable Energy Solutions Specialist, formed to “make low carbon communities happen”.
Working with our clients we manage the complete process, integrating concept, design, commercial and technical feasibility, specification, implementation, construction, operation and optimisation. LowC bridges the traditional gap between consultancy and operation. (Carbon Trust accredited to the highest level on Carbon Management and Energy efficiency). LowC has access to all renewable technologies – we deliver what is right for you!
LowC delivers:

  • Solutions delivering savings on electricity and heating bills
  • Solutions that successfully unlock the Salix funding, (plus other green capital grants)
  • Solutions that are easily incorporated into school boiler house refurbishment/energy efficiency programmes.
  • Solutions delivering long term revenue streams
  • Complete management packages relieving admin burdens
  • Simple and uncomplicated operations
  • Reliable, effective technologies, proven long-term performance 
  • Renewable solutions that bring educational benefit to pupils linked to the curriculum

LowC has the single mission to make low carbon communities happen. With expertise spanning building physics, low carbon design and renewable energy supply solutions, LowC can guide clients seamlessly through design, implementation and operation of renewable energy infrastructure.
LowC works with developers, property owners, private investors and government bodies across all sectors and functions in four core business areas, consulting, technologies, construction and energy services:

  • LowC Consulting focuses on low and zero carbon solutions for the built environment, delivering improved returns and enhanced shareholder value by reducing costs, complying with new regulations and responding to market demands for improved environmental performance.
  • LowC Technologies offers capital sale, project management, installation and commissioning of renewable energy solutions.
  • LowC Construction manages the physical integration of renewable energy equipment into existing infrastructure.
  • LowC Energy Services works with clients to optimise returns on their investment in renewable energy technologies. Services include energy financing contracts and RESCo services, as well as utilities management and supply optimisation.

LowC developed solutions now lead the way within the Government’s Building Schools for the Future programme. LowC – Solutions that future proof your schools energy costs and carbon footprint.

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