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LogMeIn Rescue is used by IT helpdesks throughout the world to provide instant remote support to customers and employees. This case study details its use by Local Government in Enschede, the largest city in the East Netherlands.

Enschede is a dynamic community of approximately 150,000 inhabitants. The municipality’s IT department and helpdesk uses LogMeIn Rescue to support and manage remote laptops, mobile data devices and desktop computers accessing the municipality’s internal network from the outside.

This enables helpdesk staff to solve IT issues faster and more efficiently without having to leave their own workplace, leading to less appointments, less on-site PC support, and meaning end users just need to make a single call they get the full IT support they need.

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Whitepaper - 5 Best Practices for Smartphone SupportThe latest smartphone designs, with more user-intuitive features, as well as the rollout of 3G networks, are largely driving public sector interest in smartphones.

With increased speeds and functionality, never before have they been so integral to boosting productivity and increasing efficiencies, particularly during the current economic climate, where IT departments are expected to reduce costs.

In a survey by research firm J. Gold & Associates, the majority of organisations interviewed had three different mobile initiatives underway. The firm further predicts a 71% increase in smartphone access to corporate applications over the next year, and a 200% increase in smartphone adoption over the next three years.

This Whitepaper lists the five best practices for supporting smartphones as a practical guide for IT managers responsible for their introduction, development and support

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