Kodak Document Imaging

With over 80 years of expertise and a legacy of document imaging innovation and over twenty years in digital imaging, Kodak offers the broadest range of scanners on the market capable of scanning anything from hundreds to tens of thousands of documents per day.

Our quality standards are exceptional, and our performance is well established.

Perfect Page – for less than perfect documents

All Kodak Scanners come with Perfect Page as standard. Perfect Page helps to deliver high quality images from a wide range of documents regardless of colour, contrast or condition. It processes even the most difficult and challenging original documents with consistently high quality. Dynamic Threshold functions calculate the output of each individual Pixel on every page without manual intervention or the need to re-scan a document.

In addition, functions such as the automatic alignment of documents (de-skew), and automatic orientation ensure the best possible representation of scanned documents.

Perfect Page scanning allows you to scan a wider range of documents without the need for pre-sorting, changing scanner settings, or post-image processing. Perfect Page also improves the OCR read-rates and accuracy – all of which means higher productivity with minimal or no manual user intervention.

Kodak Capture Software

Kodak Capture Desktop Software, bundled with selected scanners, is an intuitive and easy-to-use capture software application specifically designed to make the processing and sharing of documents simple – ideal for one or more users to immediately capture, edit and output anything from single documents to large batches. Perfect for individual, workgroup and departmental use. Through a complete set of icon-based tools and other features, Kodak Capture Desktop Software offers simplified scanning. Quickly and easily scan to file, create searchable PDFs or integrate your information into a common location.

If more functionality is required, Kodak Capture Pro Software allows you to manage virtually any scanning operation and take full advantage of all your scanner’s features from desktop to production-class for Kodak and over 160 popular non-Kodak scanners  Users can simply switch from one scanner to another, thanks to the common interface and availability in 15 languages, and scan to email, file, print, PDF and imaging applications with total ease.

Support  When You Need It

Kodak Service and Support is one of the largest and most experienced service organizations globally operating in 120 countries worldwide. We are equipped to handle all your service and support needs for both our own products and equipment from over 100 other manufacturers including scanners, storage systems, micrographic equipment and commercial print.

Today’s competitive business environment demands maximum productivity and efficiency, with equipment downtime keeping you from achieving business objectives and significantly impacting your bottom line.

With Kodak Service and Support, an international team of more than 3,000 employees, you get the dedicated quality service you need to keep your equipment and business running at peak performance 100% of the time.

Our four decades of experience in worldwide service has shown us that the right combination of service packages, parts and systems is essential. We provide total peace of mind with people, processes and technologies that deliver results, and our commitment to service excellence is why Kodak Service and Support consistently receives customer satisfaction ratings that are among the highest in the industry.

Kodak’s on-going investment in sophisticated systems and processes helps ensure that we provide the level of support required in today’s global business environment.

At Kodak, parts are managed on a global, national and local basis with strategically located depots to ensure that the right part is available, where and when it’s needed.

In addition to all our own products, we provide warranty and maintenance agreement support for over 100 manufacturers of scanners, storage, micrographics equipment and more, meaning you can use us as a single point of contact for all your support needs.

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Visit us on the web at www.kodak.com/go/docimaging