Keeping it Simple: The Fundamentals of Enterprise Mobility

Consilium Technologies have provided efficiency-saving IT Solutions to Local Government since 1985 and are market leaders in Mobile Working technology. CEO, Colin Reid givers his take on the essentials of a flexible, future-proof, enterprise-wide solution.Everyday a new article highlights research or releases the latest, detailed information surrounding enterprise mobility.

As interesting and informative as many of these pieces are, it is absolutely imperative that people remain focused on the fundamentals of enterprise mobility; especially those who are looking to implement a solution into their organisation. Perhaps the optimum place to start is why should you be looking at deploying an enterprise-level solution?

The answer to this is clear. Organisations can realise major business benefits by taking an enterprise-wide approach to mobilising their workforce and business processes:

  • Attracting and retaining workforce
  • Improving efficiency
  • Delivering operational results
  • Reducing enterprise costs
  • Attracting and retaining new customers
  • Improving profitability

However, if these are to be fully achieved, you must be aware of what is required when selecting a mobile software product, in order to ensure it is a truly enterprise-level solution.

In order to fully meet the needs of the whole organisation, any corporate solution must deliver on every one of the following fundamentals.

Available on all main mobile operating systems - can the solution be deployed on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry?
Available on all the main devices and form factors - can you use it on the iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Window phones and tablets
Provide a native experience on each device - an iPad user should get the full iPad experience, an Android phone user should get the full Android experience etc. It should not be a "lowest common denominator" experience
Make full use of device capabilities - within the software application, can you make use of the camera, GPS, location, electronic signatures, bar code readers etc.

Work seamlessly for every mobile worker even when there is no connection - don't let coverage dictate where and when your workers can carry out their jobs
Be quickly and easily deployed to meet the needs of any service user in both the Public & Private Sector - eg. In the Public Sector Adult Social Care, Community Nursing, Revenues and Benefits, Housing, Environmental Services, and in the Private Sector in areas such as Facilities Management ie Cleaning, Catering, Security, Utilities and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Cover all possible job types and roles - provide the functionality required for case workers, inspectors, maintenance workers, enforcement officers, supervisors, managers etc.

Simple integration - with any back office system
Provide capability to enter, schedule and manage work and staff in real time - not all service areas are automated and even where they are, many current back end systems cannot cope with real time mobility
Provide a comprehensive data warehouse and reporting capabilities - store, manage and communicate all of the rich data collected. Ideally, provide automatic feeds to easily publish this information on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc), websites and RSS feeds
Be able to operate in a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) environment - be able to secure and manage the business data and application separate from the personal details on a shared device
Provide the highest levels of security - for the software, data and device

Be scalable - from tens of users to thousands of users
Be available on premise - or as a "cloud" (hosted) solution
Design and deployment to be a "consumer" grade experience - therefore the solution is completely within the control of your IT and / or admin staff
Furthermore, all of the above need to be delivered quickly, from one software product without any development work.

All these points must be addressed in the selection of any solution that you may be thinking about. The benefits supplied by corporate mobility are immense and there is good reason as to why it is the number one way in which organisations are looking towards a solution to revolutionise their business processes. But the benefits supplied only ever matter if you can realise them. A solution is only effective if it ticks all the boxes and works for your organisation.

Deploying any mobile solution is far from a guarantee of success. Ensure that when you research the solution that is right for your organisation, you look towards these various aspects. Choosing the right solution is essential.

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