iTrinegy - De-Risking IT Migrations & Ensuring Networked Application Performance

iTrinegy’s services and technology focus on ensuring successful deployment of applications over networks, including Cloud and Mobile environments, and subsequent  on-going performance monitoring. Our solutions have been deployed across a wide spectrum of government sectors including local authorities, educational institutions, the NHS, MOD, Home Office and Emergency Services.
iTrinegy focuses on three core areas:

  • IT Transformation/Migration Proof-of-Concept Services
  • Pre-Deployment Networked Application Performance Testing
  • Networked Application Performance Monitoring

IT Transformation Proof-of-Concept Services – De-Risking IT Migrations
Cloud Computing, Data Centre Consolidation, Virtualisation, Mobile Computing, Systems Consolidation, Outsourcing and Teleheath all offer potentially significant cost savings.

However, before starting, it is vital to cater for the impact of the new “unproven” network environments associated with these deployments.  Failure to do this frequently results in unacceptable application performance, leading to high remedial costs.

iTrinegy provides services and tools (see below) that ensure you have full awareness of these network-related dangers so that you can de-risk your IT migrations and systems consolidations.
You can either deploy our INE Network Emulation and  AppQoS Application Performance Monitoring & Network Profiling  technologies yourself or utilise our consultancy services to “try out” your applications in the proposed new network environment i.e. Cloud or WAN, prior to any deployment, without actually building it.
The core components of our IT Transformation offering are:

  • Pre-Migration Application Performance Benchmarking and Analysis
iTrinegy AppQoS APM products (see below) are deployed to profile networked application response times and utilisation in the existing infrastructure.  The resultant information is then used to conduct pre and (optionally) post migration comparisons of application performance.
  • Pre-Migration Application Performance Testing
iTrinegy Network Emulators are then deployed to recreate the network conditions of the new environment, whether it be Cloud, WAN, Mobile, Home (ADSL, Cable, Modem) or Satellite etc.,  in which you can test how applications will perform before making the investment in the new technology.
  • Post-Migration Monitoring (Optional)
iTrinegy AppQoS tools are used to monitor response times and performance after application have been migrated, and these can be compared with the pre-migration data, if required. They are also useful for network troubleshooting and on-going application usage monitoring.

This approach enables you to conduct a realistic Proof-of-Concept and "What-If" analysis, quickly identifying issues as well as allowing potential solutions, such as WAN optimisation techniques or thin-client technologies to be properly investigated before you commit budget and resources.

A case study detailing how Capita utilised our tools and expertise to ensure a successful migration is available from iTrinegy.

Pre-Deployment Application Performance Testing (Standalone Solution)
If you are planning to deploy a new application into the existing production network or new networks rather than conducting a major IT installation (see above) to a new platform, it is still important to ensure that application will work properly when rolled out.

iTrinegy Network Emulators enable you to verify performance in conditions that realistically reflect the environment in which the application is ultimately expected to operate such as  Cloud, Wide Area Networks (WANs), Wireless LANs, Mobile (GPRS, 3G/4G/LTE) or Satellite networks.  Their ability to replicate a wide variety of real world network characteristics such as restricted bandwidths, latency, jitter, packet loss, packet re-ordering and packet error means you can safely test any application you are developing or planning to purchase and be confident that it is going to behave as you expected when rolled out into the production environment.

A case study detailing how a UK Ambulance Service project used this is available from iTrinegy.

Networked Application Performance Monitoring (Standalone Solution)
In addition to being used as part of our IT Migration service, iTrinegy AppQoS can be used as a standalone system to deliver affordable total end-to-end Networked Application Performance Management (APM).

AppQoS is a non-intrusive, passive appliance-based APM technology that analyses the entire traffic of monitored network segments delivering application-level visibility with no host agents or network infrastructure overhead.

Using AppQoS you will be able to:

  • Check the actual quality of IT based business services being delivered
  • Measure networked application response times
  • See who or what is accessing a particular file, site or service over the network
  • Receive notifications when performance degrades below defined thresholds
  • Ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met

The ability to link multiple AppQoS appliances enables comprehensive APM across both local and remote (disparate) networks, making it a unique and compelling solution for distributed network environments.
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