How to develop a job board based online recruitment strategy

Market research shows that 70% of the UK’s job seekers are using the internet to source their next role.  Online job boards are a popular source for organisations requiring good quality candidates.This is because they provide an easier, quicker and cheaper alternative to advertising in a trade magazine, local or national newspaper or using a recruitment agency to fill a vacancy. They are also very useful in targeting a specialist audience within niche areas such as IT, offer corporate branding opportunities and are a great way to build an applicant pool for future use. 
Considerations when devising your online recruitment strategy include choosing the relevant job board, advert content and management of responses. In this article we will advise you on how to go about hiring quality candidates through job board advertising.
•    Which job board should you choose?
There are currently over 1000 job boards in the UK.  So how do you know which is the best to fill your role?   Traffic Sites like NORAS publish statistics on visitors to Job boards but that does not prove that the right applicants will apply for your job.  Your budget will need to be taken into consideration and prices vary – with the niche sites tending to be more expensive than the more generalist sites.  Price reductions are usually available if you make a long term commitment – but what about the months when your recruitment needs are lighter than others?
Online recruitment consultancies such as ClearChoice Careers eliminate the guesswork as they use over 50 job boards, search engines and social media (linked-in, facebook, twitter etc) throughout the UK and Europe in order to provide you with a wide applicant pool.  Job board choices are determined by analysing statistics kept since 1998 on which job boards make placements rather than just assessing visitor traffic.  Furthermore, using the services of ClearChoice Careers avoids lengthy and costly contract commitments with job boards.  By providing a fixed fee service ClearChoice Careers can guarantee you success with filling your vacancy or your money back.
•    Online friendly Advertisement Copy
Figures released from the National Office of Statistics in August 2011 show that 77% of UK households have Internet access and 45% of the internet is being accessed by mobile phones.  This trend for smartphone use is especially true for job seekers and needs to be taken into account when writing your advertisement.  Being concise, using words that applicants are likely to search for within the body of your advertisement and not falling into the trap of replicating your entire job/person specification or using internal jargon are critical factors of a successful advertisement.
As well as posting vacancies to multiple job boards, ClearChoice Careers’ copywriters have a wealth of experience in drafting online user friendly advertisements for all their clients.  Adverts are optimised for smartphone users and incorporate the top keywords used by jobseekers ensuring you attract the right applicants.
•    Applicant Screening & Management
Although advertising on more than one job board will ensure you can shortlist the most talented candidates available for your role, one of the major downsides of a multi job board strategy is keeping track of the applicants from each job board. Using different job boards individually rapidly creates an administrative nightmare which becomes hard to manage and does not allow for integration into any existing system you may have.
Applicant Management systems exist to enable you to centralise your job posting and applicant responses.  When choosing such a system, one must ensure it has the flexibility to deliver and integrate applicants into an in-house system – delivering CVs by email can quickly clog up your inbox!  Consider outsourcing this activity – ClearChoice Careers co-ordinate your job postings from one single interface, providing applicant screening, psychometric testing, tailoring automated replies to all applicants either on your behalf or with your own company branding, as well as keeping track of which Job boards are attracting the best applicants.  The service provided doesn’t stop there: if you do not have your own system of recording applicant requests for interviews, offers etc, then the ClearChoice Careers client backoffice could also be a valuable tool.
However specific the skill-set, quality applicants can be found through online job board advertising.  In addition, combined with online CV database searching, this will provide you with a large talent pool of potential future employees.  Shirley Brzeski, founder of ClearChoice Careers comments that companies should outsource these activities as not only will recruitment costs be reduced by as much as 90%, time-consuming tasks will be carried out off site and results will be guaranteed.
As long as your skill requirements match the salary you are offering, a well-written advertisement should enable you to fill 98% of roles published via online recruitment systems.
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