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Tiny Haynes, hosting product manager at Kingston Communications (KC) reveals how the company’s expert knowledge and over a 100 years of experience provides businesses with hosting solutions they can trustOur hosting portfolio is a flagship offering for businesses customers, we are one of the largest virtual server providers in the UK. We have been working with VMware developing products for a number of years and the benefits of a flexible and scalable platform really help businesses maintain reliable, secure services. Our national MPLS enabled UK network and a smart telephony platform also help UK businesses to drive down their costs and more importantly, increase their efficiency.
Our Virtualisation service benefits customers in a variety of ways. Firstly it is flexible, during times of peak demand, customers can request additional capacity for their site that can be provisioned in hours, rather than days if not weeks as with a traditional hosting provider. The virtualisation platform is made up of technology that allows customers to increase the number and capacity of servers as well as storage to meet unexpected demand.
Secondly the virtualisation platform presents a greener solution to those more environmentally conscious customers. By taking a smaller number of physical servers which in turn reduces the amount of power and cooling required, the virtualisation service offers a proven way of reducing your carbon footprint.
Thirdly is the inbuilt redundancy of the service. Virtual machines are shared across a multiple server infrastructure, meaning if hardware should fail, there will be no lasting service disruption to any customer, as the server is replicated in another physical machine.
Finally virtual services are cheaper than their traditional dedicated server alternatives, customers aren’t paying for lots of expensive dedicated hardware, and therefore can get more of a cost effective solution for their business.
All these services are provided in purpose built, highly available data centres with comprehensive network connectivity and close proximity to the major internet exchange points. Our national network also provides a comprehensive portfolio of connectivity solutions that are secure and cost effective, removing the hassle for businesses.
Outsourced data centre services provide inherent business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, with many features such as automated backup and off site disk storage as part of the standard offering. Our comprehensive network and portfolio of data centres throughout the UK provide customers with the greatest choice for their business requirements.
We are focused on offering hosting to UK businesses, we do not operate internationally. This focus on the domestic market means we really understand our business customers’ needs, local emerging market trends and issues, which let us get out on the road and understand our customers’ needs. We also have UK based support staff that are constantly on hand to help with customer’s solutions, backed up with an Enterprise partner vendor status with many of the major software and hardware vendors throughout the industry.
Customer focus
I think the fact that every service is developed with KC’s mission at heart: ‘To provide services so good that our customers would recommend us’. This really helps us to focus on customer needs. Purely in terms of hosting, I would say that our working relationship with VMware is our strength and we now have one of the largest virtualisation farms in the UK, providing hosting for some of the most respected bluechip UK businesses and public sector organisations.
Right now there is a lot of buzz around scalable, flexible, computing architectures and this is something we have been providing for some time – so whilst this ‘cloud’ computing environment develops, we really see our focus on developing smarter customer propositions in this area.
IP telephony
We are also growing our hosted IP telephony platforms – which when combined with our collaboration products offer a really smart set of business tools for all sizes of business. KC is focusing on providing a fully outsourced managed solution, that combines the best of breed hardware and software, hosted in mission critical, highly available data centres, backed up by technically accredited engineers who can provide support based on their comprehensive experience with hardware, operating system and application. This service is backed up by industry recognised accreditations ISO 9001, ISO 27799 and the Office of Government Communication Buying Solutions accreditation as well as the financial stability offered by a 100 year old established business.
With KC as a business partner, businesses can leave the operational running of web and business applications to a focussed 24/7 team, who provide all the day to day administrational tasks such as monitoring and backing up, leaving them to focus on their core business operations.

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