Hamilton Asset Management

Over 45 years experience in the IT sector with extensive experience in asset management, asset remarketing, data wiping and logistics.
Expert asset remarketing team who will get the maximum value for your IT equipment & ease the process of selling old assets providing you with value back for your redundant assets. Hamilton Asset Management appreciate that whilst there are many factors such as environmental awareness and data security that affect any decision to choose an asset management service, clearly cost is of great importance

Hamilton has developed a high level of expertise in remarketing ex-rental IT equipment over 45 years and utilises this knowledge to get the highest values when remarketing equipment. The high values Hamilton achieves for the resale of this equipment enables Hamilton to vastly reduce the cost of the service and even at times make the service profitable for its customers

Fully certified disposal service for end of life IT assets. This includes environmental disposal in full compliance with the WEEE Regulations (formerly the WEEE Directive).

Data Erasure/Destruction
Secure Data Disposal Protect your data with Hamilton’s comprehensive range of data erasure and destruction services. Experts in the management of end of life data offering all varieties of data treatment available to market both on and off site.  All Data Erasure/Destruction is certified by Serial Number/Description of Disk Drive. 

Methods of Data Erasure/Destruction used are as follows, all methods are available either at our facility or at the clients site.

  • Blancco
  • Degaussing
  • Shredding (20mm down to 6mm)

Data Centre Relocation
Painless, cost effective data centre relocations including asset sourcing, de-installation, transport and installation.
Hamilton Asset Management provide a range of services that allows their customers to fulfil all their own specific requirements relating to a Data Centre Relocation safe in the knowledge that they will then have the support and expertise of Hamilton Asset Management to ensure that it is executed on time and within budget .  All engineering and logistics staff are security cleared (SC Cleared Crew available)

Hardware Audits
Whether you’re moving premises, undergoing an internal move or reorganisation, or merely want to understand and manage your assets better, our business audit and asset management tracking service offers you:

  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Adaptability
  • Efficiency

This intelligent and integrated asset management tool was developed in-house, tailored specifically for Desktop and Servers prior to a major relocation and ongoing use as a Move and Asset Management tool for use by our clients. It utilises your existing PC software, allowing for simple training and usage without additional licensing costs and installation. This flexible module will be created in accordance to your specification, making your database completely unique to meet your business needs.

Hamilton’s profound knowledge of the IT industry and office environments means that we are ideally positioned to undertake such an audit, Our auditors utilise mini touch-screen laptops with on board barcode scanners to maximise efficiency of collection and accuracy of data.

Your database will store your data by user and is not limited to IT hardware. You can include any data you wish including furniture detail and user preferences ...... you can even specify left or right-handed mouse position! Each user entry will show the apparatus associated with them.

Limitless customisation also enables the client to include any data they wish for each specific user and location including data port details, Network Printers, Faxes, Photocopiers, etc.

Audits are undertaken using barcode technology. Every major item can be tagged with a barcode, which is then added to your database using barcode reading technology. The use of barcodes in a move environment enables full tracking of equipment from one location to another, including transport vehicles if required.

An image of the desk location can also be included electronically, making it easy for you to identify the look, feel and detail of each workstation.

Short Term Rental Solutions
We have the largest computer hire, server rental and laptop hire fleet in Europe this enables us to offer the best selection of the latest hardware of the most respected brands from 1 Day to 2 Years.  (HP, IBM, Oracle, Apple, Sony, Panasonic, Acer, Fujitsu, LSI and HDS, Microsoft)
 Laptops, Desktops, Server, Storage, TFT, Plasma & LCD Screens, Printers, Projectors, iPAD and Tablet