Good Communications awards saw Siteimprove customers winning

Local authority of the year, won by Derbyshire County Council and Government Website of the year won by Lincolnshire County Council. Government website of the year saw 5 councils nominated, of these 5, 3 are Siteimprove customers.“Winning ‘Government Website of the Year’ is a great honour for us. We have worked hard on the new site but tools such as Siteimprove have made our job much easier and ensures the customer gets the best service possible.”  
Gemma Fairless, Lincolnshire County Council
A good website reduces transaction costs
The web is the most efficient channel from an internal cost perspective, there are many figures quoted, on average a web transaction will cost an organisation £0.32, a phone call around £2.90 and face-to-face contact £7.40. By making your website more accessible and user friendly you can avoid users reverting to the more expensive channels of phone and face-to-face.
Siteimprove tools highlight errors and problems on the website that may prevent a user from getting the information needed. The problems may be broken links, or it may be navigation that is not usable for disabled visitors. This consequently makes the website inaccessible to these users. By ensuring an efficient high quality website you are saving money and increasing user satisfaction.
Website Credibility
In times of increasing competition it is important to protect your website and company credibility by ensuring there are no spelling errors on your website, as discussed in a recent BBC news article ‘Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales’. Siteimproves spell checker has 28 languages available and will help ensure you have no language or spelling issues.
Cost efficient Website Quality Assurance
Manual quality control of a website is time consuming. The cost to check a site of 1000 pages manually could cost over £2,000 in staff time. Siteimprove can run these checks for you automatically.
Siteimprove provides easy to use tools to web teams of one or organisations with several hundred web editors. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service with each customer receiving a dedicated account manager to answer any queries as well as dedicated technical support system for more technical queries.
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