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Integral AES 256 bit Encrypted USB Flash Drives have been selected by Enfield Council – the first borough council in London to roll out a secure USB solutionEnfield Council serves a population of about 280,000 people and is London’s northernmost borough council, being about 12 miles from the centre of London. With more than 3,500 staff in Enfield Council, the information technology department have a large and challenging role to play to achieve a good balance between security and functionality in their workplace.

The requirement
Enfield Council approached Insight UK for help with choosing a supplier of secure USB Flash Drives to be used in the council’s upgrade of their network security to comply with Government Connect legislation. Government Connect is a pan-government programme, providing an accredited and secure network between central government and every local authority in England and Wales. The network is known as GCS (Government Connect Secure Extranet). The Enfield Council network upgrade involved the installation of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 9.0.
Enfield Council recognised that USB Flash Drives can be a very useful tool to transport large amounts of data between computers, whether internally or outside of council premises. However, Enfield Council were also acutely aware that there have been some small but widely reported incidents of large institutions including banks and councils having sensitive and private data compromised through the loss of unsecured USB Flash Drives.
The council required hundreds of encrypted USB Flash Drives and the ability to make the device the only USB compatible for use on the council’s secure network.

The solution
Integral have provided Courier AES 256-bit Security USB Flash Drives to Enfield Council, with a unique identifying tag coded at a hardware level on the USB. In addition, a four digit serial number has been etched onto the USB connector and this identifying number is allocated to all Enfield Council staff that are allocated a USB Flash Drive. All users have to sign a “Removable Media Policy” and agree to the terms of use of an Enfield Council USB Flash Drive which is to enforce responsible and secure use of the product at all times.

The outcome
Enfield Council became the first London Borough Council to roll out an encrypted USB Flash Drive with a Unique ID signature. Enfield Council’s main security partner, IT security and data protection firm Sophos, was sent the Integral Courier AES 256-bit Security Flash Drive for testing. The Integral Flash Drive was positively rated by Sophos and was fully approved to use with the software’s management console, ensuring only Enfield Council issued Integral encrypted USB Flash Drives would be granted full access to the network.
“In response to the threat of data leakage faced by all organisations mainly regarding removable USB memory, Integral have been very proactive in assisting Enfield Council in procuring a customised encrypted USB Flash Drive,” said said Tee Patel, information security o fficer, London Borough of Enfield, Corporate IT Services.
“As a local authority, to find a solution in balancing security and convenience is of prime importance. I am pleased with the service received from Integral. Their understanding of our requirements and delivering a workable solution in a relatively short space of time has been very exemplary. I highly recommend them,” Patel added.Integral encrypted USB Flash Drives with Unique ID
The Integral hardware encrypted USB Flash Drive range can be personalised with a designated company identifying name or number. This will allow a network administrator to block access to unrecognised USBs for security purposes, whilst allowing the Integral encrypted Flash Drive to function as the ‘official’ company drive. It is also possible to program each Integral Flash Drive with an individual serial number, so this can be asset tagged to specific employees. This would allow a network administrator using an end point security system to also specify certain privileges depending on the user, such as allowing the USB Flash Drive to read and write data from certain network drives.

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