Connecting the Public Sector with O2

Mark Armstrong, Head of Public Sector, Telefónica O2 UK Limited, discusses how O2 work with public sector organisations to save costs and improve efficiencyO2 aims to be more than a company that offers mobile communications. Our expertise has attracted more subscribers than any other UK network and we encourage our customers to think of us as a trusted partner, who really understands what’s important to them.
Nowhere is this more important than in the Public Sector, where communications packages must deliver a real benefit and where cost-effectiveness is vital. We have thousands of Public Sector clients, as well as many household names, who know us and trust us to deliver a reliable and cost-effective solution.
As such, O2 has been chosen as an approved supplier to the new Mobile Solutions (II) Framework. Our selection in this framework followed independent evaluation of our capabilities by and their mobile solutions category management team.
This will see O2 provide mobile data, mobile data applications and value-added mobile services such as mobile workflow and job scheduling, mobile e-mail, lone worker protection, text-based messaging services and fixed-mobile integration solutions.
This means you can continue to partner with O2 for your mobile solution requirements, and we can focus on continuing to offer great value to Public Sector organisations like yours.

More choice
As part of the framework, we have introduced new monthly packages to complement our existing 24 month offering, including a one, 12 and 36 month package, providing even greater flexibility to choose the package that’s right for you. In addition, the rates associated with the majority of call types will be reduced the longer the term of the contract. Other highlights include the introduction of a range of tariffs, designed to make it easy for customers to begin to integrate their mobile and fixed communications and cut costs. And of course we have a full range of mobile e-mail options including BlackBerry and the iPhone, available only on O2.

Working with the public sector
Our dedicated Public Sector team work closely with our customers and other Public Sector organisations in order to really understand their needs and to address each individual challenge. The combination of our commitment to our customers, our experience in this area and the choice that only comes with O2 ensures we can provide the best solution every time.

Case study: Policing

  • British Transport Police (BTP): Enabling police officers to spend more time amongst the community and less time on administration.
  • The challenge: To help officers respond more quickly to incidents and communicate more effectively with each other; empowering officers to deliver an even better service.

More than 1350 BTP officers across the UK are now using O2 Argon XDAii devices to access police information systems while on the beat. The devices allow officers to access information while out of the office, enabling them to instantly check on a person’s criminal history, share information and update incident reports remotely.
By reducing the time spent on administration at police stations, officers can remain on the beat for longer and can spend more time patrolling stations and travelling on trains. Increasing police visibility is a key aim for the BTP and they have already seen a huge gain of 51 minutes per officer per shift using O2’s solution. O2 worked closely with the BTP, listening to their requirements and offering constructive advice about the options available. The Argon XDAii device was most suitable to their needs as it provides a stylus and touch screen facility that allows it to be used during inclement weather or if an officer is wearing gloves.

Case study: Local Government

  • Worthing Borough Council: Empowering community-based workers to speed up the process of removing graffiti.
  • The challenge: To transform the way in which public services are delivered; responding quickly to the public, empowering workers to act and keeping all stakeholders informed.

Workers across Worthing Borough Council are using the O2 Xda Orbit and hand-e-pix software to help fight graffiti and ensure offending graphics are cleaned quickly and efficiently. Cleaners use the device to photograph the graffiti, precisely locate it using GPS and input additional data such as date and time. This data is instantly transferred to host computer systems for immediate manipulation, analysis and reporting. Once the graffiti has been cleaned, the Council is able to make this information available to the public so they can see it is responding quickly and efficiently to their calls. The Council can also track its workers and their status via GPS, enabling them to monitor performance in much greater detail and allocate jobs more efficiently, saving time and increasing the quantity of work done each day. The Council is looking to roll out the solution to other street crimes, like fly tipping and littering.

Included here are just two examples of the type of real-life business solutions O2 is aiming to deliver for its customers in the Public Sector. As an approved supplier to the Mobile Solutions (II) Framework, you can come to us for your mobile communications needs and trust that our commitment and expertise will ensure a successful partnership that really addresses your needs.