Clement Clarke Provides Cost Effective Call Centre Headset Solutions

Clement Clark has always provided headsets for use in high pressure situations, where clarity counts; say something once, and it needs to be understood.  Aviation, police, fire and ambulance services have been customers of ours for over sixty years and during this time our company name has been synonymous with reliability, durability and performance.

Established in 1945 the company cut its teeth, and is still traditionally known for, creating tailor- made headset solutions for the Ministry Of Defence, NATO, airlines, air traffic control and emergency services across the world.  All of these industries are connected by their absolute prioritisation of the quality and reliability of their communications – and therefore our headsets - combined with the need to stay at the absolute summit of the latest communications technologies that ensure user comfort and crystal clear sound quality.

Whilst our enduring business contracts with these customers and other public and private emergency services worldwide are testament to the quality of headsets we produce, our company has often faced challenges that have hampered our performance within the highly competitive commercial market place. Where cheap products abound, you will often find that quality is seldom left uncompromised in respect of price.  Now our mantra has always been that we will not compromise on quality in respect of any price considerations, and our technicians have the reputation that they deserve because they have never been under pressure to produce materials and components that can compete with our competitors on price if that means that quality is affected in any way.

That said, we have to recognise that we are in a competitive business, and we have to find a way to compete in other markets if we are to succeed in a commercial environment.  And a big target market for us has always been Call Centres.
It has been well documented within call and contact centres that agents’ headsets substantially improve office performance over conventional office telephones.  They do this by increasing call centre agent response time and call-handling while at the same time reducing physical discomfort and downtime.  Studies have shown that headsets can increase call centre profitability by up to 72%.

And the modern call centre is a fast-paced environment where headsets really prove themselves; where lightweight, balanced, comfortable design, superb audio clarity and built-in noise reduction features really stand out from the competition.

Clement Clark Communications has traditionally offered a range of Call and Contact Centres  products and services which were a prime example of the kind of headset we make; rugged yet comfortable, light but durable, and of course, crystal clear; each product being specifically designed to work without an amplifier, allowing full compatibility with any call centre system.
But, where we are able to bring our key reputations of reliability, durability, sound quality and comfort to the table, we were not always able to compete on price.  And in the highly competitive world of business, price matters a lot.

However, that all began to change with the launch of our TC400 series headset.

With exceptional clarity of communication, on a headset that was both lightweight and highly durable, the TC400 series was to prove to be an excellent performer in the commercial market place, and was found to be an exceptional performer for virtually all voice applications.

But importantly for our business development teams, the TC400 came with a highly competitive price tag.

Durability is obviously vital in a call centre environment, and even in this cost conscious market the smart managers are happy paying that little extra to avoid wasting both time and money in the long term.  After all, what call centre managers wants to spend his or her time dealing with complaints from their own agents?

The TC400 headset was streets ahead on durability.  Made from nylon fibre, the headset is immune to anything a call centre has to offer.  Throw it across the room, smash it against your desk, even stamp on it if you like – the headset won’t even lose its shape.

Along with durability another key call centre management consideration is comfort.  And the TC400 is so light you could almost forget you were wearing a headset.

And the sound quality was as spectacular as you would expect from a company that designs bespoke headsets for the world’s emergency services.

And now, as you’d expect from a company with a history of innovation, we’ve gone one better.

Later this year Clement Clarke Communications will be launching the long awaited Call Centre Acoustic Limiter product, currently code named AL1000.  The new acoustic limiter product has been designed with the call centre user in mind and is designed to protect the user from harmful  acoustic shocks (loud sounds caused by feedback oscillation, fax tones or other signalling tones).

Be safe, be protected with the forthcoming Acoustic Limiter product from Clement Clarke Communications.