Clement Clarke Communications - Headsets APD Approved

Clement Clarke Communications (C3) has been designing, developing and manufacturing headsets for over 60 years and is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.  In recent years, this unique heritage has enabled us to create a range of call centre solutions that combine the latest communication technologies with the reliability and durability that has always been our hallmark. In addition our Telecom headsets are now APD Communication and Capita Secure Information Solutions Ltd (Sungard) approved.TC-1
The TC-1 was specifically designed for the demands of today’s call centre complying with ALL European approval regulations covering Acoustic limiting, Electrostatic discharge, EMC and high voltage protection. It has become the most trusted headset in this type of environment due to:-

  • Direct connect to customer equipment, no additional boxes or amplifiers needed;
  • Excellent voice transmission and clarity;
  • Noise cancelling microphone as standard.
  • VoIP/USB option


In addition to the feature of the TC-1 the TC-200 delivers:-

  • Designed with only one thing in mind – the headset user
  • Extremely light weight, comfortable and durable
  • Semi rigid nylon boom with “click” positioning;
  • Exceptional  voice transmission and clarity;
  • Superlative noise cancelling.


With the increasing expectation and workload of todays call centre operators, C3 recognised the need to add flexibility to their working environment. TC-wireless is the  perfect solution, giving the operator the ability to work upto 200 Metres from their workstation and unlimited talk time with the use of the optional 2nd battery and it’s “hotswap” functionality. This headset is truly the solution for today’s mobile operator.

  • 8 hour talk time per battery
  • 200 Metre range
  • Audible low battery indicator
  • Audible out of range indicator
  • DECT/GAP/ VoIP/USB  compatible
  • LED talk indication on Headset
  • Headband or ear hook option

TC-VoiceGuardian (ASA Replacement)

This unit uses the latest advances in DSP technology to provide workers within contact centres and phone-intensive environments the highest level of audio accuracy and clarity.  It will detect and block a noise of abnormal frequency with no disruption to conversation. It features a voice equaliser allowing the user to set a personal preference on incoming voice profile, it also has voice driven tags detailing the average daily exposure the user has experienced during their working shift and informs the user if the daily maximum exposure level is close to being reached

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