Certain solutions for uncertain times

Put yourself in the shoes of an organisation's IT Director. Even though he's faced with pending budget cutbacks, he still has to maintain investment in the organisation’s IT real-estate.

With so much of the organisation’s success and service-delivery quality hinged on the technology that underpins it, his is a difficult decision; is it better to be prudent and continue with patched-up, ageing, existing IT systems, or is it wiser to invest some of the dwindling budget into new systems and IT architecture, that, long term, will save the organisation money, and lead to the provision of a better service for its citizens? Applying extra pressure to the dilemma is the obligation organisations have to respond to their legal, environmental and compliance responsibilities. Either way, sitting on the fence isn't an option, as these challenges will still be present in 2011.

Certero is already helping organisations prepare for the future by addressing these challenges today. A trusted solutions provider in IT Software Asset Management and PC Power Management, it was established to help organisations achieve the best value from their existing IT investments, and eliminate waste of spend on IT business assets. Today, public sector organisations rely on the company’s AssetStudio™ and PowerStudio™ solutions to manage the complex challenges of software asset management (SAM), and ensure that they are meeting mandatory energy-saving targets.

AssetStudio – an easier way to audit

Budget cuts and fundamental changes to procurement processes - especially in the NHS - is driving more demand for Certero’s AssetStudio, designed from the ground up to address the complex challenges of SAM. It helps organisations ensure that they have the right number of software licences (to ensure compliance) and that money isn’t being wasted on unused licences.

Until the end of introduction of AssetStudio, the complexity of conducting this task was compounded by the lack of products developed specifically to ensure SAM compliance. Typically, the products available were patched up IT asset management solutions, hastily and poorly re-engineered to help the IT director address the SAM challenge. But the product’s legacy architecture - which can include feeds from old products, originally designed in a different time for different task - mean their ability to address the SAM challenge effectively, is questionable.

Today’s solutions for tomorrow’s compliance challenges
Thanks to Certero, there is some sunlight on the horizon for the embattled IT Director. AssetStudio is a true integration of discovery, inventory, software delivery and licence management requirements, and it offers a unique automation process to provide a real-time Effective License Position (ELP). Due to the unique automation capabilities, the ELP is maintained without unnecessary administration intervention, thus removing complex processes and associated risks, and ensuring SAM critical information is available in real time.

PowerStudio - be seen to be green
Ensuring software licence compliance is just one challenge for the IT director. Another seemingly permanent agenda item is the need to reduce energy consumption. Today, being seen to be green has taken a whole new level of transparency with the introduction of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. The CRC scheme requires organisations that run up electricity bills of more than £500,000 per annum to prove they are reducing energy consumption and their carbon footprint.  Claiming to be a good corporate citizen, now has to be backed by direct action as well as words.

Bad habits, big bills
While many organisations have taken measures to reduce their carbon footprint, one area is almost constantly overlooked, despite the quest to save energy; according to BusinessGreen.com, always-on PCs cost UK PLC over £300 million a year in wasted energy. Yet there are sizeable savings to be made by powering PCs down when not in use, meaning many organisations would benefit considerably by introducing a PC Power Management solution.

Energy optimisation – time for a new approach

While PC Power Management suites to not new, they have rarely been easy to deploy or manage, and often frustrated PC users while powering down the machine at an inappropriate time, or by being cumbersome to bring out of hibernation or standby mode. Certero’s PowerStudio addresses all the former barriers to adoption by using Web 2.0 technologies, and is built to sit on the default Microsoft infrastructure, so it doesn't require any further technology expenditure to deploy. It also has a very small footprint, so it will not slow down a user’s PC. PowerStudio will automatically save open files when putting a PC into a power-saving mode, which negates any concerns about work getting lost.

Save electricity, energy and money

Certero claims that PowerStudio can deliver return on investment in as little as four months. In terms of energy savings, Certero points to Hull City Council saving 390 tons of CO2 as proof points of the results that can be achieved.

Certero – trusted to deliver

Uncertain, challenging times, call for assurance that solutions will deliver in line with their promises. Across the country, Certero has already gained the trust of many organisations that have deployed its solutions to successfully address their IT and environmental challenges; in many cases, this has freed up the IT team, allowing them to concentrate on the tasks that help deliver quality service and value for their citizens.

For more information about Certero, please visit www.certero.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1925 868970