Capitalise on SAP Background Spool Reports - gain Autonomy & Automation

SAP Background Spool Reports in Excel, PDF, etc….Automatically!SAP is one of the most widely used ERP's in the industry today. SAP provides a comprehensive IT platform for businesses of any size, type or industry enabling them to carry out their business processes efficiently and smoothly. As a part of this process SAP has pre-defined background jobs which create a large number of spool reports used by internal and external users.

Some of the most common requests are the reformatting and distribution of background reports generated by SAP, for Sales, Inventory, HR Attendance, Purchase Orders, Reconciliation Statements, Invoices, Payslips, etc. These reports are critical to the business and need to be distributed in user-friendly PC formats to internal users, customers and partners. Programming these in SAP requires ABAP skills and could take a long time, resulting in delays which in turn have high cost implications. Although these reports have already been programmed in to the SAP system the output may not be as desired by the end users or the users business needs may have changed over time.

Some businesses may require standard information to be attached to all outgoing documents; and the attached information needs to be dynamic based on the content of the document being sent out, for example, attaching health & safety information to invoices and despatch notes. Another example is distributing formatted Excel workbooks with data split into different sheets to internal users for analysis and feedback. Or it may be required to convert spool data to XML for EDI between organisation or information systems.

SAP Partner – Symtrax brings to the SAP marketplace a revolutionary Output Management Solution which allows the reformatting of SAP Spool Requests in to familiar PC formats and distributing them automatically. Compleo Suite – Certified by SAP; connects directly to Output or Printer Q’s on the SAP System, captures business critical spool reports generated by a background job or by the users and reformats them based on pre-defined PC based templates. The end documents can be dynamically enriched with information from external data sources, graphics, etc. Compleo Suite for SAP helps minimize paper by creating and distributing business documents (such as invoices, dispatch notes, pay slips, purchase orders, etc.) electronically thus reducing printing and mailing costs. In addition, these business processes can be automated by real-time monitoring of SAP printer Q’s throughout the day or at scheduled times, as the case may be.

Compleo Suite for SAP is made of 6 modules, namely the SAP Connector, Compleo Explorer, Compleo Mapform, Compleo for XML, Compleo Supervisor and Compleo Archivor.

The SAP Connector developed by Symtrax allows Compleo Suite to connect directly to Output / Printer Q’s on the SAP System, thus giving real-time access to spool files. The SAP connector captures the original spool attributes which contains important information such as Job Number, Job Name, Request Owner, Date, Time, etc. These attributes, amongst others, can be used by Compleo for document traceability and to name the end document dynamically, distribute them by email, customise the message body, etc.

Compleo Explorer has a Windows® type interface to view spool files in the SAP Output Q’s through a PC interface. At a basic level the spool files can be converted “as is” into PDF and saved in a network folder. The advanced Compleo Wizard makes it possible to create PC based templates to reformat the spool files by removing unwanted information, blank lines, blank spaces, etc. Information that is not present in the original spool file, but needs to be there in the end report, can be added from an external database. Then define the end format for example Excel or PDF and how the end report is to distributed by email, fax, FTP or simply saved in a network folder.

Compleo Mapform with an interface similar to Compleo Explorer allows reformatting spool files into professional looking documents. Add logos, colours, barcodes, OMR’s, watermarks, etc to business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, dispatch notes, remittance advises, payslips, etc. Convert the formatted documents to PDF with digital signatures and distribute them by email or FTP or simply print them on desktop printers. Email message can be customised for each recipient. Compleo Mapform eliminates the need for pre-printed stationary, thus helping organisations reduce paper and be GREEN!

Compleo for XML facilitates EDI by creating XML files from SAP spool files which can be distributed by email, FTP or SOAP. Create an XML document from scratch by adding all the tags in the required “tree-type” structure or simply open an existing XML file in Compleo for XML which automatically imports the entire structure. Then just map the information from the spool file to relevant tags in the XML structure, creating a template.

The powerful automation module – Compleo Supervisor monitors Output Q’s on the SAP system in real-time and checks the spool files generated against predefined conditions. If a condition is satisfied, it executes the associated templates to create and distribute the desired end documents. Compleo Supervisor can also be configured to run in a scheduled mode to process spool files overnight in a batch process.

Compleo Archivor is a web-based archiving solution where PDF documents created by Compleo Suite can be archived for retrieval at a later date. With a user-friendly web interface internal and external users can search for documents based on various criteria without compromising on security. Documents retrieved from can be saved to the PC or directly sent by email from the web interface.

Compleo Suite has proved to be an asset to businesses world-wide because of its ease of use, speed of implementation, high return on investment and short payback time. Compleo Suite enables customers to be reactive to the ever changing business needs and stay autonomous.

Symtrax is an international company that produces and distributes software’s for ERP Systems in two main areas, Output Management & Business Intelligence. Always a step ahead, its solutions have been evolving for 20 years to satisfy more than 3,000 customers. Established in France, England, the United States and India, its solutions are used in over 50 countries.

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