Bulgarian Ministry of Justice central document pool

The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice uses DocuWare at about 150 locations with 600 licenses. Employees of the Ministry and its affiliated courts can now directly access the central document pool without ever leaving their desksThe decision to install a document management system (DMS) came as part of the "Phare Programme", an international project launched by the European Union. The goal of the project is to successively automate the organisation and processes of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice.

Solution requirements
The decision to integrate an electronic DMS was not a difficult one for the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice: 150 courts are located across the country, each maintaining their own paper archive. To obtain documents from any of the other locations was both time and cost intensive. The Ministry of Justice had a very clear vision of what they wanted from their DMS.
One of the main reasons they chose DocuWare 5 was how easy it is to use and administer. A further plus point was that it can take a wide variety of documents – whether in paper or electronic form – from several different sources and manage them in one central document pool. Other important points were the system's workflow capabilities and quick access from any location via Internet/Intranet.
The entire DocuWare installation encompasses 150 locations and 600 Concurrent Licenses; in total, 1000 employees are working with the DocuWare document pool. All data is stored on central servers. Local paper archives with their well-known problems – such as duplicate copies, huge space needs and limited access – are part of the past.

The solution
Initially, they analysed the existing workflow processes of their documents and then organised ideal storage structures. The software was implemented within days and administrators and users were trained. Existing paper documents were scanned using internal resources and added to the electronic archive. Today, about 40 percent of their old documents are electronically filed. Each court is in charge of digitising its own existing archive and new incoming paper documents. Several locations have added more powerful scanners.
The Ministry of Justice and the court system are integrated in such a way that all employees can access one central document pool. Now stored data can be accessed from any location, around the clock. The existing Oracle database was directly integrated in DocuWare. Most processes in various departments are now running fully automatically. This includes workflows set up for HR, official correspondence, administrative tasks and handling complaints.
The headquarters for the Bulgarian Ministry of  Justice is in Sofia. All Bulgarian courts and even the Supreme Court now work with the same standards. The tedious search for files is no longer necessary, even if a document was stored in a completely different location. Now, authorised employees can find the information they need in seconds.

By electronically archiving documents and providing access to a central document pool for all locations, the Ministry's work processes are significantly faster and more transparent today.         

Questions can be answered with a click of a button. Their mid-term goal is to completely eliminate the paper archive. This will also free up significant storage/warehouse space. Every day, the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice and all its affiliated courts are saving money. Any feelings of aggravation by government employees about having to search for information is now a thing of the past.

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