An award-winning internet filtering solution

iPrism Web Filter from St. Bernard helps secure your organisation from Internet-based threats, giving you peace of mindiPrism Web Filter from St. Bernard, now with antivirus, is the award-winning Internet filtering solution that secures your organisation from Internet-based threats such as malware, spyware, IM, P2P, and inappropriate content, at the perimeter, while it helps enforce your acceptable use and security policies. iPrism Web Filter enables your organisation to mitigate the risks of legal liability, prevent security breaches, stop the erosion of network resources, and prevent productivity loss.
In schools and colleges, students will often use popular tools to access top social web destinations such as YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, despite being typically blocked by school IT staff. Students use Anonymisers which create huge security holes, hacker portals for data theft, spyware, viruses and worms.
In the workplace, Anonymisers give employees access to offensive or illegal content by making end-runs around corporate network defenses. Even if these events are isolated, they can precipitate costly and public lawsuits if co-workers are exposed to content.
Violations of acceptable use and security policies can have serious legal and regulatory consequences for organisations that fail to protect their workers from inappropriate content or data theft Anonymiser sites and fringe sites that offer illegal or offensive content often covertly deliver malware. Even if the original computer user logs off, the machine can start delivering offensive popups to other users who log on to that computer.

iPrism Web Filter
iPrism Web Filter’s powerful anonymiser defense surpasses all competitors:

  • iPrism detects and blocks anonymiser traffic that tries to spoof secure traffic.
  • With iPrism’s on-the-fly proxy detection administrators can run reports to show what anonymisers were blocked including proxy blocking of: UltraSurf domain; The Google-web-accelerator domain; The http-proxy domain 
  • Real-time Updates: Proxy URLs are collected and message groups are monitored daily for new anonymisers. These results are distributed via iGuard URL database updates as prequalified websites. 
  • Active Domain IP Address Mapping: The ability to circumvent iPrism using IP addresses is blocked with this mapping feature. iPrism dynamically cross-references each IP address to its corresponding domain thwarting even the most sophisticated attempts to obscure Web surfing and access forbidden sites.

Protection for all industries
The iPrism Web Filter offers unrivalled protection from Internet-based threats.
Business: The internet has emerged as an indispensable business tool and managing your web access is essential to your success. Not only do you need to protect your business from threats like malware, spyware and inappropriate content, you need to enforce your acceptable use and security policies and comply with regulatory legislation. The iPrism Web Filter secures your business against the Internet-based threats that compromise security and can negatively impact your bottom line.
Education: Originally designed for schools, the iPrism Web Filter helps you achieve compliance so you can qualify for vital funding. With its easy configuration and deployment plus free antivirus/anti-malware, and integrated iPrism IM Filter you get a multilayered, Hybrid approach to Internet access management that no other vendor offers. Protect you students, your networks and your compliance.
Healthcare: Keeping patient data secure from Internet-based threats is one of many challenges needed. The risks posed by web-based e-mail, IM and P2P networking can threaten the security of proprietary patient information and also threaten your networks. iPrism Web Filter delivers comprehensive Hybrid solutions for all your secure content management needs.

Citrix ready
iPrism is The Only Citrix Ready Web Filter. Users trying to integrate a web filtering solution into their Citrix environments can encounter problems particularly from software-based solutions. iPrism is the only appliance based web filter to be certified Citrix Ready after extensive testing by Citrix engineers. Now Citrix customers can enjoy powerful, easy-to-us web access management that integrates easily with Citrix systems without compromising performance.

St Bernard, through its EMEA Distributor C M Systems Support Ltd has special incentives for anyone already using web filtering, in particular SurfControl and Websense customers are saying no to complexity and high prices and making the switch to the iPrism Web Filtering Appliance.
Act now to take advantage of a special pricing offer for current SurfControl and Websense customers. Contact EMEA Distributor C M Systems Support Ltd 0870 2245010 for details.    
C M Systems Support Ltd was appointed EMEA Distributor for ST BERNARD Software Inc in November 2007. It is currently operating appliances for evaluation to any public sector company for free 30 day trials, including installation, consultant advice for reporting activity, URL blocking and general information regarding deployment into the network. CM SystemsSupport Ltd also runs technical workshops throughout the year, hosted by St Bernard Technical Staff.

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