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No one understands document processing like ReadSoft. We invented automatic data capture technology in 1991 and have been the market leader ever since, with the most installations, longest experience and widest expertise.Our proven solutions help forward-thinking local authorities, central government departments and public sector bodies improve operational efficiency and cut processing costs, either in-house, outsourced or in a shared service centre environment. Document automation transforms key business processes such as accounts payable, forms processing, survey/census data analysis and mailroom operations, enabling you to deliver improved frontline services at lower cost.
The Health Protection Agency (HPA), South Ayrshire Council and Swedish tax authorities are among the 6,000 customers worldwide who rely on ReadSoft’s expertise and track record of successful implementations over almost 20 years.
Innovative software solutions
Our range of innovative, award-winning software solutions that improve the efficiency of back office processes includes:
ReadSoft INVOICES: The most widely used software for invoice processing globally. INVOICES captures information from incoming invoices – whether in paper or electronic format – applies data verification and validation (for example, against purchase orders) and, finally, transfers them to the payment system.
By automating invoice flow from start to finish, organisations generate huge savings in both time and money. The cost of processing an invoice is cut from pounds to pence, while the payment cycle can be reduced by up to two thirds, enabling councils to comply with the government’s 10-day payment directive for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).
INVOICES integrates seamlessly with Oracle, SAP and other leading ERP and workflow systems, building on existing technology investments and avoiding expensive consultancy fees.
ReadSoft CLASSIFY & INDEX: Automates the processing of incoming mail to cut operational costs, typically by a third. Instead of staff wasting time laboriously sorting and routing mail manually, all inbound documents – whether printed or handwritten – are passed through the same system to be automatically scanned (if in paper form), sorted and distributed.
The result is fast, accurate delivery and improved customer service as contact centre staff have the latest information at their fingertips to handle queries and action requests.
CLASSIFY & INDEX is designed to handle all types of paperwork, whether structured (such as application forms), semi-structured (standing orders or change of address notifications, for example) and unstructured (letters and faxes).
ReadSoft FORMS: An intelligent automated forms processing system that saves time and cuts costs. FORMS captures information from all types of form – whether paper or electronic, printed or handwritten – and transfers it to a nominated system in the specified format.
FORMS works on a single computer or an entire network and there are no upper or lower limits to the number of forms that can be processed.
With automatic data capture eliminating manual keying of information, FORMS enables organisations to make headcount savings or redeploy staff more productively.
Over the years ReadSoft has built a reputation for technological innovation coupled with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs.

Customer success stories

Headcount savings for South Ayrshire Council
One of the largest councils in Scotland has chosen ReadSoft DOCUMENTS to centralise and streamline its accounts payable department by automatically processing the 150,000 invoices it receives annually from 7,000 suppliers. ReadSoft’s solution will enable it to reduce the number of accounts departments from three to one, speed up invoice processing, and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Processing time halved for Latin American census

The National Institute of Statistics in Peru turned to ReadSoft for faster and more accurate processing of the country’s national census. ReadSoft competed against three other companies and were selected because of their high recognition rate of 99.43 per cent.
Using ReadSoft FORMS, 7.5 million documents were successfully processed in 50 days – half the allotted time. This enabled results to be published within six months instead of the 14 months previously achieved.

Move to paperless invoicing cuts costs instead of trees

The Public Office of Urban Planning and Construction (OPAC) in Greater Lyon, France chose ReadSoft to support its move to paperless invoicing. The department manages 22,000 homes and constructs a further 400 each year. It handles over 25,000 invoices a year – a figure that is increasing by 15-20 per cent annually – and the complex approval process meant suppliers could have to wait 45 days or more before being paid.
OPAC adopted ReadSoft INVOICES, which integrates fully with its ERP system, with the result that it now has complete traceability of invoices along the approval path and has been able to cut down payment delays significantly.

Document automation makes taxes less taxing for Swedish authority
The Swedish Tax Authority uses ReadSoft FORMS to process the 450,000 income declarations it receives every month from self-employed workers. Instead of having to enter all data manually, declarations are automatically scanned and the relevant information extracted. Eliminating the laborious and time-consuming process of manual data entry has made it considerably faster to calculate how much tax and VAT is due, and is resulting in savings for the government of tens of millions of Swedish kronor every year.

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