Are your cyber attack defences strong enough?

The huge cost and damage from cyber attacks continues to make headlines, but there are things you can do to greatly reduce the risk using commercially available products. At Phoenix Datacom we have what you need to help you protect your organisation – and we’re good people to deal with, having over 25 years experience of supplying Government and MOD with IT products and services.Are your intrusion detection and prevention systems strong enough?
Protect your networks from both external attack and internal malicious activity. Sourcefire provides effective IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection and Prevention with combined network and user behaviour analysis, access control and vulnerability assessment.
(Hot off the Press: Sourcefire Wins Best IDS/IPS We are very pleased to announce that Sourcefire won Best IDS/IPS at the SC Magazine award ceremony at the February 2011 RSA Conference in San Francisco).
Have you got full visibility of all your networks? Maximise your monitoring!
Make the most of your monitoring systems! Keep visibility of your changing networks and make best use of your network monitoring devices. Intelligent network taps and data aggregators from VSS Monitoring and APCON make it possible to reduce monitoring equipment investments by an average of 50 percent per data centre whilst still providing 100 percent network visibility 24x7x365.
Features such as advanced data rate and media conversion, data filtering and aggregation, time-stamping, packet-slicing, and content-aware traffic filtering allow you to home in on just the data of interest.
Can you capture network data and reconstruct incidents?
Niksun NetDetector acts as a Security Camera and Motion Detector for your network by continuously capturing and warehousing network traffic, and alerting on specific signatures and traffic patterns. Built-in modules provide complementary signature and statistical anomaly detection, thus locating the "needles" of relevant actionable information in the "haystack" of raw data. Advanced reconstruction capabilities allow for detailed review of web, email, Instant Messaging, FTP, Telnet, and other applications.
Are you managing and responding to all the security events happening on your networks?
Beef up your Security Information and Event Management something that goes beyond reporting and meets the real-time needs of the Security Operations Centre. NitroSecurity provides very high performance, scaleable log management and advanced security event management systems, including support of SCADA protocols and operator behavioural analysis. Identify, correlate, and remediate threats in minutes instead of hours.
Will your defences work under stress?
How will your security devices perform under extreme attack?  BreakingPoint Systems provide all-in-one test solutions designed specifically for the challenge of content-aware networks and network equipment. They allow generation of exceptionally high volumes of test traffic with unprecedented control of the traffic mix from Layer 2 to Layer 7 to give the most realistic test of how systems perform under stress with extreme levels of blended good, bad and attack traffic.
Like to know more?
No two organisations have the same issues but we find answers for most situations and we like to talk, discuss requirements and demonstrate our solutions, even if you are at a very early stage of a project - we will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer advice.
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