Is agnostic to any vendor which gives you the benefit of us being impartial and thus able to focus on recommending the best solution for a particular customer. 
Our range includes: - Hitachi data Systems, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Fujitsu, Nimble and Qnap, Panologic, IGEL, VMware, RedHat, Citrix, Linux, Microsoft, VMware and Cloud services.
As accredited partners to all our vendors Abtech-UK are able to fully utilise their technical expertise on that particular platform.
Abtech-UK are able to offer 24/7/365 support services from call logging to providing on line support by qualified staff focussing on fixing a problem on-line. These services are tailored to each client as the requirement can vary greatly from customer to customer.  Daily, weekly as well as monthly reports are produced and discussed at the regular review meetings. SLA’s with KPI’s are agreed and form the basis for measuring the success, however Abtech-UK recognise businesses change so are completely flexible should the customer wish to amend these.
Field as well as on site staff are also be provided.
Our success is in providing the service you require and suits your business.

Management monitoring tools can be implemented so that you can set thresholds that suit your business and enable you to make changes before a problem occurs.  Disk capacity thresholds, heat, memory and networking cards.  The traffic light warning signals can be set to alert key staff by email, SMS, text and tie the actions into the support contract to ensure your critical systems are always up and running and accessible to your users.
Seamless Integration

Abtech-UK is very used to working with customers own IT staff and would look to appoint an Account Manager and introduce staff that have the correct technical skills and customer facing skills that would integrate seamlessly into the customer’s team.

Abtech-UK provides an on-going solutions management service which regularly reviews the technology performance within the customer’s environment, addresses any current or on-going issues and manages those through to successful conclusions, whilst maintaining analytical reports on many aspects e.g. Cost savings actually realised, resource demands, growth and development requirements to name but a few.
Open Approach

Abtech-UK‘s open approach to this end-to-end service delivery is key to our capability of delivering the very best overall solution.  Abtech-UK will respond immediately and efficiently to your requirements and ensure that you feel Abtech-UK’s team are really integral to your own team.

Using project management tools and adhering to ITIL standards all parties can monitor review and ensure that services are being delivered within the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA).
Abtech-UK look to establish professional long term relationship who fully understand your aims and objectives as well as your technology and infrastructure, therefore providing the ability to ensure the best service and advice is maintained. 

If customers choose to partner with a particular vendor directly for their long term data management, then they could not guarantee that they would always receive the best advice on modern technologies and strategies as they would simply receive the information pertaining to a single vendor’s solution where better solutions may well exist.

This is where Abtech-UK seeks to add strength and reliability to a long term relationship as we make the customer our number one priority and guarantee that we will always consider every technology and solution available and provide multiple options with the pros and cons of each for the customer to consider.

Abtech-UK fully support you going forward and the regular customer review meetings would ensure that as your business grows and the challenges that it faces inevitably change, Abtech-UK are ready to deal with those changes in an efficient and appropriate manner to ensure that the service provision is never compromised and that both the installed technology and new developments in the industry as a whole are able to be utilised to the best effect within your IT Infrastructure.

In the current economic climate a number of customers are looking to sweat their assets out for a few years longer rather than facing a huge IT refresh spend.  Abtech-UK can support equipment passed the vendors end of life period.

Abtech-UK is committed to regular skills and training update schedules and is always updating our field of knowledge on the latest technology developments.  Remaining an Independent Solutions Provider, Abtech-UK will always be there to provide the insight and knowledge needed to exploit the latest developments and sweat assets where this is required.

Abtech-UK can offer flexible finance options including tax efficient leasing packages that suit and help spread the cost of IT and move you away from the cycles of single high capital budget spend every few years. (Services and support can be included)
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