Birmingham using artificial intelligence service

Birmingham City Council is using Eptica’s artificial intelligence-powered customer experience platform to respond consistently to the over 2.19 million emails and phone calls it handles every year.

The council has cut average handling times across services for email by 30 per cent, to six hours 52 minutes, while supporting agents who handle 2.1 million voice calls every year with access to a centralised, self-learning knowledge base. Over 98 per cent of emails now receive a response within the council’s SLA of two business days, ensuring citizens benefit from faster answers to their questions across a wide range of services, from housing to education.

The programme, Sheldon, provides tailored information to agents queries from the knowledge base and enables agents to provide feedback on articles, allowing them to be continually improved. Council agents use Sheldon to help citizens around 120,000 times every year.

Georgina Foxwell, head of Service Improvement for Customer Services at the council, said: “As a leading local authority we provide a wide range of vital services to our 1.1 million citizens. People rely on us – it is therefore crucial that we can respond quickly, efficiently and uniformly across different channels. Through its central knowledge base Eptica is helping us improve the experience by giving agents access to the right answers, particularly at busy times of the year or when information is updated, such as when council tax bills come out in March, boosting productivity and satisfaction.”

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