Thanks to an ambitious government estate strategy, public sector organisations are under serious pressure to deliver smart working initiatives to drive down overheads.


It’s now an accepted fact that cloud technology is driving public sector IT forward and delivering significant efficiencies and improvements in service.


By Graham Payne, CEO of Opencell, ensuring everyone indoors has network.

Your mobile phone rings at work, it’s an important call and you need to answer but when you pick up, the call drops. After a few failed call-back attempts, you realise you need to go outside to get a good connection. So off you go to return the call you can’t miss, in a way that wastes more of your time than necessary, out in the open (oh no!) it’s raining, and quite frankly you need to be getting on with that work left over from yesterday, and now the wind is making it hard to hear…


Since 1997 e3 have worked with many government agencies, departments and NGO’s including The Environment Agency, National Archives, Natural England, Civil Service Learning, English Heritage, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Dept. of Work and Pensions and the Border and Immigration Agency.

Local Government Finance Settlement for 2015 will mean councils across England will receive 8.8 per cent less funding from government to run local services from April 2015.

Infrastructure & connectivity for the Data Centre and IT Network

Based in Oxford and with several offices in major cities around the world, 2ndQuadrant Ltd provides support, training, services and publications to organisation using the open source PostgreSQL database management system.

Computeraid specialises in Microsoft Office, Sage Accounting and Adobe Creative Suite training. We offer a range of commercial training options, consultancy, special offers and funded courses.

Simon Hill, MD and founder of idea management firm Wazoku explains how central and local government departments can use internal and external communities to unlock ideas to help address challenges in the public sector

Companies pride themselves on their diligence where security is concerned. Physical Security is a fundamental of business life to ensure our people and our assets are kept safe but now the threat of failing to deal with intangible data is paramount.

Computer systems merely free up space from deleted files or records and do not remove the acutal data. This is a big security and privacy risk - You need CyberScrub.

Michael Cook of USystems looks at how to meet your CRC Energy Efficiency requirements with cutting edge technology

Web Labs are a UK based software and systems development house, specialising in creating flexible, scaleable and intelligent ‘Cloud Computing’ solutions. Our products and technologies i.e. software systems, applications, data access, and storage services are delivered to computers and other devices over a network, typically the Internet or Corporate Intranet.

Open Source together with Cloud Computing and BYOD are all current game changers which deliver massive benefits

Ray Bryant, CEO at Idappcom Ltd, explains how security can be obtained or improved even in times of Austerity.


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While 3D printing is becoming more widely used in general engineering the use of 3D printing in the medical and allied sectors such as dentistry has only just begun.