Netcall Telecom Limited

Netcall’s dedicated solutions help organisations manage the ever changing demands of their customers efficiently and cost effectively to increase customer satisfaction.
The Company offers a platform with a broad set of innovative market-specific solutions for end-to-end customer engagement, incorporating intelligent contact handling, workforce optimisation, business process management and enterprise content management. The solutions are scalable and can be delivered on-premise or in the Cloud.
The biggest challenge for the public sector is to balance savings initiatives with meaningful changes in the services provided. Netcall understands that any cut-back strikes at the heart of service improvement. The Company has an established track record of successfully implementing pragmatic citizen engagement solutions for customers, to achieve a rapid return on investment and the most potential to deliver a step-change step change in service performance.
Netcall’s customer base contains over 750 organisations in both the private and public sectors. These include over 70% of NHS Acute Health Trusts, over 50% of London Borough Councils, major telecoms operators such as BT and Cable & Wireless and leading organisations including The University of Cambridge, The Forestry Commission, Interflora, Lloyds TSB, Odeon, Interserve, Orange, Prudential and Thames Water.

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