CBI report urges post-Brexit adoption of EU's Digital Single Market


The CBI has called for the UK to replicate the EU's Digital Single Market initiative post-Brexit in its report, "Smooth Operations: An A-Z of the EU Rules That Matter for the Economy"

In the report, part of a lobbying effort intended to influence the ongoing Brexit negotiations, the CBI positions the UK as a "word leading digital economy" and asserts that the UK's digital sector is driven by "highly-skilled" and "high productivity" workers, who are helping the country to become a world leader in technology.

It claims that the UK is number one in ecommerce across Europe and is the fifth best country in the world for the availability of technology. It cites World Economic Forum research to back up its claims.

In the foreword, the report asserts: "The job of untangling 40 years of economic and regulatory integration is a mammoth one and should not be underestimated. From the broad and revolutionary Services Directive on which all cross-border EU services trade is based, to the detailed and technical Plant Protection Product regulations, there are around 19,000 EU legislative acts in force. The challenge is heightened because of the land border that the UK shares with the EU on the island of Ireland and the fact that many of the rules will have consequences for policy set by the devolved nations as well as Westminster."

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