Electronic records further improving care

NHS Digital has revealed that increasing the amount of information held in electronic Summary Care Records (SCR) is improving care and helping to ease winter pressures.

SCRs, which contain important details from GP medical records, such as their medication, allergies and adverse reactions, to support care, are accessed every four seconds and is saving time for patients and those treating them.

The records can be accessed by pharmacists, out of hours GPs, hospital doctors and nurses, as well as the ambulance service, 111 and Urgent Treatment Centre staff.

James Hawkins, director of Digital Transformation and Engagement at NHS Digital, which developed the SCR, said: "This is an invaluable tool which 96 per cent of people now benefit from. Uploading additional information to the SCR increases its benefits and enables clinicians to provide the best care possible to patients as they have more details available at their fingertips. This also means patients won't have to repeatedly provide the same information, especially when they are feeling unwell, and this can help save time when health services are busy as well as potentially avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions."

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