Rotherham to save 300 days on budget setting due to analytics

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has saved the equivalent of over 300 person days on its budget setting by successfully implementing a Financial Workforce Planning Solution.

Supplied by MHR Analytics, a specialist provider of business intelligence and analytics solutions, the Financial Workforce Planning solution has eliminated inconsistent processes and introduced a fully integrated, single source, for all of the council's budget and forecasting needs. Helping the council streamline its finance processes, the cost savings have helped overall savings of 2,000 days as part of a concerted effort to free up staff to focus on more value-added activities.

Richard Douthwaite, systems finance manager at the council, said: "Our reason for implementing Financial Workforce Planning was to modernise and streamline our budget setting process, particularly around staff budgeting, which was labour intensive and heavily reliant on spreadsheets. The project also acted as a catalyst for change in terms of modernising and re-engineering our business processes.

“By adopting the new Financial Workforce Planning system we have built up accuracy, reliability and trustworthiness in our data. We’ve saved ourselves over 300 person days from budget setting alone and have achieved massive benefits in terms of data quality, on which evidence based decisions are now being taken - allowing us to make better use of resources available. We are also now able to easily incorporate scenario planning into our financial processes with regards to living wage and NI rate changes."

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