Plan to improve Welsh mobile connectivity

The Welsh government is looking to work with the mobile phone industry and the regulator to improve mobile service connectivity across the country.

Ofcom data on television masts shows that, because of the country’s topography, Wales needs 67 masts to reach one million people, while to reach the same about of people in England requires 12 masts, in Northern Ireland it is 25 and Scotland 45.

The plan focuses on nine key areas where the Welsh government can use the levers at its disposal and its influence to help improve connectivity and capacity, including innovation and emerging technologies, facilitating relationships between mobile network operators and major event organisers, the possibility of providing non-domestic rates relief on appropriate mobile mast sites and a revised Planning Policy Wales (PPW).

Julie James, Minister for Skills and Science, said: “Mobile phone connectivity is becoming increasingly important for both residents and businesses. We know there are challenges in Wales and that the service needs to be better. This plan outlines what we as a Welsh government can do to help create the right environment to further improve connectivity in Wales.”

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