A Four star council provides faster response times and manages workload more efficiently with fewer staff

ImageKent County Council, one of the UK's largest, most diverse councils, has successfully implemented Hornbill's Supportworks ITSM (IT Service Management) software.
The solution is used by 150 ICT operations staff to support 10,000 council staff located in over 500 different buildings around the county. This first phase of the implementation also provides staff with access to a SelfService portal via the council intranet to check the status of their incidents and service requests.
In addition, customised portals have been created to provide SelfService to users in the Adult Social Services and Children and Families directorates. These two departments have their own specialised applications and requests for support for these are now passed directly, via the customer SelfService portal, to the relevant support analysts. Providing customers with access to the service desk has created efficiencies, resulting in savings equivalent to a full time member of staff on the central Service Desk.

The preferred choice

Kent County Council carried out a detailed selection process, including a proof of concept exercise, evaluating solutions from its incumbent supplier Touchpaper, alongside Remedy and Hornbill. Hornbill's Supportworks ITSM was the preferred choice as it was the most user friendly and easiest solution to use, as well as meeting the council's functional requirements out of the box.
Paula Davies, service desk manager at Kent County Council, commented: "We particularly liked the apparent simplicity of Hornbill's solution. It handles quite complex and powerful processes while making it very easy for the end user. This ease of use, particularly in the management of priority calls and SLAS has, we believe, enabled us to manage our workload better resulting in faster response times to customers."

Improved communication

The second phase of the implementation, which will commence early in 2009, will cover the introduction of the Configuration Management Database and Change Management. When this is completed the Service Desk anticipates far more effective communication with users of the 600 applications that it currently supports. Paula Davies explained: "With the introduction of the Configuration Management Database we will be able to align services to people. This means that we will be able to segment our customers so that they only receive alerts and communications about relevant applications and services. The council-wide recognition, that our customers are different and so need different services, was one of the key elements that resulted in the council achieving a Customer Service Excellence award. Supportworks ITSM will help us to maintain and extend this level of customer service commitment."
Gerry Sweeney, CEO of Hornbill Systems commented: "Kent County Council operates as a multi-million pound business with a hugely diverse customer base spread over a large geographic area. Supporting staff providing such a wide range of services requires a strong customer service ethos – which Kent County Council demonstrates admirably – coupled with efficiency and attention to detail. Kent has harnessed Supportworks ITSM to help it meet its challenging customer service targets by automating and streamlining as many processes as possible, while ensuring that customers still receive an individual service."

Going from strength to strength

Kent County Council joins a host of other local government organisations using Supportworks, including London Borough of Waltham Forest; CSD – BT, Suffolk County Council, Mid Suffolk District Council; Rushmoor Borough Council; Sevenoaks District Council. Findings of the annual independent SOCITM survey "IT Trends in Local Government" for 2008/9, further demonstrate Hornbill Systems’ unequalled growth and continued gain in market share amongst IT Service Management vendors.
The survey, released in January 2009, shows continued growth in local authority installations of Hornbill's Supportworks IT Service Management software, with three new customers recorded in the year up until the survey in 2008 and 14 new customers since 2005, more than twice the increase of the closest competitors. In contrast, only three of Hornbill's competitors saw an increase in customer base over the same three year period while eight more vendors were static or saw a reduction in their installed base.
Gerry Sweeney, CEO of Hornbill Systems commented: "Supportworks' reputation across the public sector – local authorities, central government, health service and education – speaks for itself. Some of the largest and most demanding service environments exist in UK public sector and I'm delighted that Hornbill's technology is proving, time and again, that it can help service delivery teams to surpass the expectations of their customers."

Reference: SOCITM survey 2008 "IT Trends in Local Government". See www.socitm.gov.uk

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