Aligning business and IT

Architecting the Enterprise was created to work in synergy with the Open Group’s Enterprise Architecture Standard initiative known as TOGAF. Architecting the Enterprise is proud to have trained and certified over 60 per cent of current TOGAF practitioners world-wide. It has helped major organisations (Fortune 50 and Global Forbes 50 companies) build their Enterprise Architecture skills and practices. Its training and mentoring services are delivered across the world in 70 regions and 16 countries in many vertical sectors, including, for example, consultancies. Architecting the Enterprise is currently ‘training the trainer’ in TOGAF for a number of organisations:

  • Finance – Retail and Merchant Banking, Insurance
  • Governments – US, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland
  • Defence – UK, US, Australia, Europe
  • Utility Companies – Power, Gas, Oil, Electricity
  • Telecoms – National phone operators,  Mobile phone operators
  • Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing – Cars, Components, Electronics, Heavy Machinery
  • Logistics and Retail
  • Hospitality – Carriers, Agents, Support and Service providers

Architecting the Enterprise’s Vision
“To ensure the availability of global Enterprise Architecture standards, competencies and professionalism that will enable our customers to realise major value in their business and practices.”
Architecting the Enterprise’s team are highly skilled and experienced people who are closely connected with Enterprise Architecture standards and practice development. These strengths enable Architecting the Enterprise to provide Enterprise Architecture through leadership and best practice advice to customers.
Architecting the Enterprise is seeking to establish a professional standard amongst the Enterprise Architecture practitioner community. This goal is achieved by providing high quality and consultancy certification training for organisations developing effective Enterprise Architectures.
Architecting the Enterprise has championed the use of TOGAF as a best practice framework for five years and has trained over 4,000 architects worldwide.
Architecting the Enterprise consultants are experienced practitioners with both a broad understanding of Enterprise Architecture and deep expertise in specific areas. Experience in Governance, Business Architecture, Data Management and Technology Architecture is accompanied by Programme and Project Management expertise.
For many years Architecting the Enterprise has been members of The Open Group and contributed heavily within the Architecture Forum. It has led a number of initiatives and continues to work on the latest TOGAF.
The next version of the TOGAF specification, known as TOGAF 9 is due for release. This will be in early 2009 and the certification programme will be updated to include certification in this new version of the specification. When TOGAF 9, is launched many of the aspects of TOGAF 8 will be carried forward to the new version. We anticipate that TOGAF 8 certification will be a foundation step to TOGAF 9. Architecting the Enterprise will be working with its clients to take advantage of any upgrade path.

Architecting the Enterprise services include:

  • Consultancy services
  • TOGAF Certification Training delivered as public, private courses or e-learning
  • Customised TOGAF workshops
  • Enterprise Architecture Awareness training
  • Enterprise Architecture practitioner masterclass
  • Assessment of your existing architecture skills, practices and work
  • Customise TOGAF to suit the specific needs of your organisation
  • Assist your organisation in developing Enterprise Architecture
  • Define implementation roadmaps
  • Establish architecture governance processes

Business Benefits

  • Ensures that Information Systems and Technology fully support your business processes
  • Brings all functions together and shares skills, experience and knowledge
  • Provides cost effective ways of developing IT infrastructure leading to a much more efficient IT operation
  • Promotes a climate of continuous business evolution, improving the quality of work output (deliverables)
  • Improves business flexibility by providing a clear framework, better defined structure and standards to plan

Training services

  • TOGAF Certification training
  • TOGAF based workshops combining training and consultancy
  • Enterprise Architecture training – awareness and practitioner masterclass
  • Customised Enterprise Architecture training 
  • Enterprise Architecture E-learning course
  • Enterprise Architecture Webinars and mentoring.   

Enterprise Architecture plays an important role in shaping the IT and business alignment to create the competitive advantage of business. Architecting the Enterprise guides clients through the programmes based on TOGAF methodology including: Client Scoping Programme, Principles Programme, Architecture Footprint Programme, Customise TOGAF Programme, Evaluate and Select EA Tools and Techniques Programme, Implementing tools Programme, Establish EA Practice Programme, Communications Process Programme and EA Maturity Assessment.
Architecting the Enterprise has a division that delivers to organisations. ‘Capability Assessment Maturity modules’ designed for maximum flexibility for organisations – from full targeting to a simple spot-check.
Architecting the Enterprise also maps TOGAF to business processes and other frameworks such as The Zachman Framework. Key activities include developing the products associated with any recognised enterprise framework that is appropriate for a particular architecture.

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